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  1. Chai. Boss you too much i must confess this app is the best thing i have seen. It’s so fast and effective

    It’s even worth more than the amount u sell it boss. Thanks again

  2. This Flash Funds is really recommendable. I love the 😍 app mehn

    It makes hustling very easy and straightforward. You are indeed the boss

  3. @G-Money

    Yeah You just spoked the truth. FLASHING OF funds is very easy as it doesn’t require any stress

    Just be wise to get your cash in naira that’s all

  4. Some months ago i was using one Bulk sms tool in doing my fake alert things. It does work anyway but it’s slow because it does take 48hrs in mosts cases before the alert reflects.

    And it doesn’t do auto balance update. I think there’s no fake alert tool better than flash funds.

    I have been flashing funds for years now though i only use bulk sms styles but this your tool has made my work very easy. 🙏 Thanks

  5. @Opeoluwa.
    Yeah. The tool is top notch and highly demanded because of the features. Anyway thanks for commenting and also “Kindly refer us to others

    Keep making money

  6. I have Flashed some funds for over 4hrs and yet my client is yet to get anything (please what could be wrong)?

  7. Hello Chris, When Sending the sms, Always Click On the Button that says *Instant* instead of leaving the drop menu as *later*

    If you don’t check the instant button, it might even take 24hrs to deliver. You can try that again and message us on WhatsApp

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