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  1. Hello Boss, I purchased the app and it’s prompting me to upgrade after some times. I do ignore the pop-up but I don’t really understand.

  2. Good day sir, I’ve been using the app for a while now but recently, I opened app and it was asking me for activation key again even after activating it before. Or is it because I switched to the recent version?

  3. If you’ve been using the old version and you updated it, check your email for the activation key u used earlier and use it again. But if you lost the key, contact us to get it free

  4. Cardro Pro V6 – All the way. So sad you don’t have app available on IPhone. Do you know I had to purchase android phone because of this app. Funny but worth it.

  5. I love getting alternatives to almost everything I use because one day, one will definitely cast. So am asking if there’s any alternative to Cardro Pro V6? I also need to buy as a back up pls

  6. Please can the cardo pro tool be use to Cash out Nigerian debit cards without bvn and phone number

  7. pls does the app work with bvn only ??
    can I use debit cards without OTP ? to load money ?

  8. Please i purchased the app but i lost my phone recently so i cant provide the activation code after i reinstalled the app from my saved online documents but i cant get the activation code, can i get the activation code from you
    Please sir it’s urgently needed

  9. Good day John can I get an activation key for cardro pro v6.5 ,I have d software on my system but I don’t have d activation key

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