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  1. Felix Tolo says:

    Feeling Grateful from $Lagos

  2. Chai. Boss you too much i must confess this app is the best thing i have seen. It’s so fast and effective

    It’s even worth more than the amount u sell it boss. Thanks again

  3. This Flash Funds is really recommendable. I love the 😍 app mehn

    It makes hustling very easy and straightforward. You are indeed the boss

  4. @G-Money

    Yeah You just spoked the truth. FLASHING OF funds is very easy as it doesn’t require any stress

    Just be wise to get your cash in naira that’s all

  5. Some months ago i was using one Bulk sms tool in doing my fake alert things. It does work anyway but it’s slow because it does take 48hrs in mosts cases before the alert reflects.

    And it doesn’t do auto balance update. I think there’s no fake alert tool better than flash funds.

    I have been flashing funds for years now though i only use bulk sms styles but this your tool has made my work very easy. 🙏 Thanks

  6. @Opeoluwa.
    Yeah. The tool is top notch and highly demanded because of the features. Anyway thanks for commenting and also “Kindly refer us to others

    Keep making money

  7. I have Flashed some funds for over 4hrs and yet my client is yet to get anything (please what could be wrong)?

  8. Hello Chris, When Sending the sms, Always Click On the Button that says *Instant* instead of leaving the drop menu as *later*

    If you don’t check the instant button, it might even take 24hrs to deliver. You can try that again and message us on WhatsApp

  9. Thanks boss! YOUR video is pretty clear and cool

  10. Purchased Xcaret100 but would be needing this one soon.

    I need to run some Fake bank alert matters

  11. The video is quite interesting and exactly what i got on my flash funds app too

    Thanks for share

  12. Thanks for commenting man. Always available for business

  13. Oghenewoke says:

    Hello Boss, Is there any possibility to flash more than 4Times daily? I got more deals to do that’s why am asking

  14. Not at all man. You can’t transact or flash more than four time daily

  15. Anonymous says:

    boss i have issues paying for apps can you help me out??

  16. Kindly send me message on whatsapp or for faster response, email me

    Am off on whatsapp but active on email for now

  17. Hello

  18. I really need dis App..08067101899.. WhatsApp number ..Dm me fr payment

  19. Please sir

    Can I use flash funds app on my iPhone?

  20. Flash funds app only work for PC and android devices

  21. I am in love with this tool I earn unlimited , just flashing Thanks boss I really appreciate sir more grace
    Next is xcranet100

  22. What is the meaning of the organization ID .

  23. Flash funds have nothing relating to organization ID

  24. I wanna buy add me up on telegram 08083525733

  25. We don’t do Telegram. You can reach us on what’sapp or our email

  26. Chidozie Maxwell says:

    GM boss I have been contacting you guys since yesterday but no response
    I tried via Gmail too after I didn’t get reply from you on WhatsApp please check your WhatsApp this is my number 08131605761
    I need the flash funds ASAP, just give me details for payment please you guys should reply to this email

  27. Chidozie Maxwell says:

    Please Sir reply your DM via Gmail and WhatsApp too I need this app like desert needs water please add me up on WhatsApp 08131605761
    I sent message on how to make the payment since last night but no one is responding I tried to reach via the two provided email addresses which is and but no response please sir reply cus delay is dangerous no dulling for street I need to follow chop flash funds money and I will come over for cardcumbo
    Please reply me it’s urgently needed boss 🙏🙏

  28. Please sir I need this app like mad
    Have texted you on Gmail and I’m not see your WhatsApp on this site

  29. […] softwares like cardro pro v6. Other Bank hacking softwares you can also consider are Xcaret100 ,Flash Funds etc. You might want to check them out as […]

  30. Mentor I always come here for tool I most confess the app is awesome and smart, makes hustle mature and Xcaret100 for card cumbo for cash wire
    (Tonches Richporter Zughumnan for messenger lite) for quick response!

  31. Hello, please respond to your WhatsApp messages

  32. Please I really need this app I i believed this is the best way of making fast money

  33. Anonymous says:

    Wow that’s nice
    How will I get the app

  34. U are the real #Boss
    it all works exactly as in the video
    very easy to flash fund s, I got many cards on ground.
    Am contacting u for xcaret100

  35. Anonymous says:

    pls how do we register

  36. Please i need your whatsapp number to make payment sir.

  37. Pls can someone put me through on how to start this

  38. Cool bro

  39. Boss pls hw can ah get dey flash fund app
    Cuz am urgently in need of it
    Send me ur details 4 payment so dat ah cn 4ward it 2 u
    Boss we no dat tym wait 4 nobody
    Even if na dey way boyz go cari survive we go do am cuz we no say “Hustle must 2 pay”
    Thanks ah know my request will b approved

  40. Boss I need the Cardro pro urgently please contact me on 08117883585 Asap

  41. I also love the flash fund

  42. Please boss a friend of my bought this app and you made mention of the spinning of phone number for alert but he can’t find it anywhere in the app please your help is needed boss
    Reply me ASAP

  43. Please kindly reply your mail. I’ve sent you a mail that I want to pay for the flash fund app. Kindly respond or mail me

  44. Anonymous says:

    boss I need the flash fund

  45. Pls can i have that of the cord


  47. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the software

  48. Flash funds is indeed the best fake alert app and also, it’s affordable

  49. How can I make payments for the flash funds and most especially is the tool still effective

  50. Anonymous says:

    pro how can buy the flash fund

  51. pro how can buy the flash fund

  52. @Jonas – Sure flash funds app is really great

  53. Thanks boss

    I’ve gotten the app and it’s working fine

  54. Hello bro good evening…you are hardly online on WhatsApp, please check your WhatsApp bro

  55. Anonymous says:

    Boss please check your WhatsApp

  56. I have flash fund but no activation key. So boss can you help me and create one

  57. Pls how can I get da app on iPhone.!?
    Cus I cnt see it on AppStore o plssss

  58. Please sir I want to buy cardro v6.5

  59. Khing Flyt says:

    What Are other Payment Methods Apart From Bitcoin

  60. Emmanuel John says:

    Please how to download Flash Fund app

  61. Anonymous says:

    Glad it’s real (at least for the first time to get real stuff online

  62. isaac aghe says:

    I need to flash 19,000 naira to someone i owe today or i will be embarrassed. Please if you have bought the software, i will forward the bank details to you. Help me with this one. Please, i will purchase mine next week but today i need help

  63. Love that
    Want to buy the flash fund

  64. i like this very appropriate post

  65. Thanks friend. I got what i paid for

  66. Anonymous says:

    Please help me out this is the response I have been receiving when ever I try activating my flash funds

    We can’t activate this software on this device because we can’t connect to your phone network organization server make sure you are connected to your network organization and try again .. if you keep receiving this contract your network organization support person
    Please I need help whatapp 08126589306

  67. Berry bash says:

    I need this flash funds app with xcaret100 pls need your WhatsApp num

  68. John Ohadean says:

    Check on our contact page

  69. Youtube have removed the video now. I can’t watch.

  70. The video have been removed on YouTube.. can I check the video again.

  71. Rock star says:

    I want this tool

  72. rock star says:

    i want urgent need

  73. rock star says:

    i want bank flash

  74. i urgent need

  75. I want urgent need cardro

  76. Awesome website for useful tools

  77. Someone should help me flash an account now just 1.2m..

  78. Anonymous says:

    Please someone pay me for the login of Flashfunds please

  79. I will love to purchase the flash fund software but is there any other payment method boss

  80. Can anyone flash account for me hint me ND let’s strike a deal ….we share money under 4hrs of reflection

  81. Anonymous says:

    I massage and no reply I want this app ASAP YOU CAN DROP HOW TO MAKE PAYMENT TO

  82. John Ohadean says:

    We have already replied your message sir/ma. Kindly check back

  83. PLEASE ,boss how can I download the flash funds
    In my iPhone,i can’t find it in App Store please help me
    this is my whatsapp number

  84. PLEASE ,boss how can I download the flash funds
    In my iPhone,i can’t find it in App Store please help me
    this is my whatsapp number

  85. Nwali Sunday Godwin says:

    Boss I need the activation key to start it how can I get

  86. I will also purchase mine. My friend ordered and we have activated it. About to test

  87. Fortunate says:

    Please I need this add, sir what’s your WhatsApp number so that I can add you up

  88. John Ohadean says:

    Check the contact page

  89. John Ohadean says:

    Send us What’saap or email message

  90. Anonymous says:

    How can I download the app

  91. brick boy says:

    how can i download the flash fund tools app it’s urgent

  92. Please boss how can I get the app

  93. John Ohadean says:

    App will be forwarded to u here or via email after payment

  94. John Ohadean says:

    App can be forwarded to you on what’saap or email. Send us private message

  95. brown cole says:

    IHi big boss please i need the flash fund tools urgent and where should i send payment and what is your contact details.

  96. Please I need somebody who can run account flashing
    DM 08144059359

  97. Please I need very urgently

  98. OnlineBanking says: DM me for payment and app link

  99. Anonymous says:

    Good day bro,i need the flash fund app,what payment method do you accept,i want it as soon as possible bro?

  100. I downloaded the flashfund tool but i dont knw how to start using it please can u help me,Boss please send me the reall app for me to download it please

  101. Boss pls help me out I wanted to fund my sportyBet with sportyBet adder but is saying invalid authorization code Pls help me with the code

  102. John Ohadean says:

    You must purchase a valid authorization code before you continue

  103. What is done box in flash funWhat is done box in flash fund?

  104. Anonymous says:

    How can I get a transfer pin for flash fund

  105. Anonymous says:

    How do I get the app
    My whatsapp number

  106. Please sir
    I really need these app but I don’t have the money to purchase it, please I have messaged u but u haven’t replied sir🙏

  107. John Ohadean says:

    Sorry the all is not free here

  108. Does the found also show available on bank application when the person eventually wants to confirm using bank app

  109. Anonymous says:

    Sir i av purchase the flash fund 9.0 pro pls how can i get the activation code?

  110. Nice tho

  111. I need the flash fund app
    How can I get it

  112. Pls boss man for us the upcoming one’s who don’t have bitcoin is there any other payment method?

  113. John Ohadean says:

    Bank transfer for NGN and GH is allowed

  114. Anonymous says:

    I don’t have money for the app how can I start?

  115. James musa says:

    I really appreciate

  116. James musa says:


  117. James musa says:

    I don’t have money for the app how am I going to start

  118. Ferdinando says:

    Pls I need the app but I don’t have money

  119. Ferdinando says:

    Pls someone help me with the app🙏

  120. Flash Funds is awesome tool for fake alert

  121. Chuks Godson says:

    Tested and confirmed

  122. Anonymous says:

    I really need d app but m very broke not even 1k in my account

  123. BrokehustlerbutImusthammer says:

    Must I pay before I download the app.
    Can someone who had downloaded the app share and will it work for the person.
    Please reply it’s urgent

  124. Hello fellow hustlers please guys I know that this I want to beg may not be easy to do but I believe some guys here can actually help me guys I am new to the game without kobo trying to make money but I know it’s not easy to succeed without giving I really need someone to help me with apps I promise I will never fuck up . please if it pleases you to help your brother this is my Whatsapp number 08105725185 I will be very grateful to receive my request thanks alot .

  125. Confirmation done – Legit guy

  126. Anonymous says:

    Please add me up on WhatsApp boss i really need it

  127. Am Making real money from this shit mehn

  128. I what know more about flash funds

  129. How do I get flash funds pin

  130. Flash funds is affordable and effective

  131. Thanks sir. Flash funds is awesome

  132. Thanks sir. It’s working here

  133. Am interested but am broke now pleases who can flash acct for me I promise to share with, I have 2 acct to flash now, Whatsapp 09083242652

  134. Boss please I really want this app very well,,,, boss please how can I get the app

  135. My Guy you are valid! 100%

  136. How to contact you,
    I need Flash Funds and Xcarret100 Asap

  137. Kinqdavid says:

    I’m waiting for you response on WhatsApp

  138. Please I need the app( flash funds) please someone should he’ll a soul….
    Pls I beg….

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