1. Chai. Boss you too much i must confess this app is the best thing i have seen. It’s so fast and effective

    It’s even worth more than the amount u sell it boss. Thanks again

  2. This Flash Funds is really recommendable. I love the 😍 app mehn

    It makes hustling very easy and straightforward. You are indeed the boss

  3. @G-Money

    Yeah You just spoked the truth. FLASHING OF funds is very easy as it doesn’t require any stress

    Just be wise to get your cash in naira that’s all

  4. Some months ago i was using one Bulk sms tool in doing my fake alert things. It does work anyway but it’s slow because it does take 48hrs in mosts cases before the alert reflects.

    And it doesn’t do auto balance update. I think there’s no fake alert tool better than flash funds.

    I have been flashing funds for years now though i only use bulk sms styles but this your tool has made my work very easy. 🙏 Thanks

  5. @Opeoluwa.
    Yeah. The tool is top notch and highly demanded because of the features. Anyway thanks for commenting and also “Kindly refer us to others

    Keep making money

  6. I have Flashed some funds for over 4hrs and yet my client is yet to get anything (please what could be wrong)?

  7. Hello Chris, When Sending the sms, Always Click On the Button that says *Instant* instead of leaving the drop menu as *later*

    If you don’t check the instant button, it might even take 24hrs to deliver. You can try that again and message us on WhatsApp

  8. Purchased Xcaret100 but would be needing this one soon.

    I need to run some Fake bank alert matters

  9. The video is quite interesting and exactly what i got on my flash funds app too

    Thanks for share

  10. Hello Boss, Is there any possibility to flash more than 4Times daily? I got more deals to do that’s why am asking

  11. GM boss I have been contacting you guys since yesterday but no response
    I tried via Gmail too after I didn’t get reply from you on WhatsApp please check your WhatsApp this is my number 08131605761
    I need the flash funds ASAP, just give me details for payment please you guys should reply to this email

  12. Please Sir reply your DM via Gmail and WhatsApp too I need this app like desert needs water please add me up on WhatsApp 08131605761
    I sent message on how to make the payment since last night but no one is responding I tried to reach via the two provided email addresses which is lobathan1@gmail.com and johnohadean@gmail.com but no response please sir reply cus delay is dangerous no dulling for street I need to follow chop flash funds money and I will come over for cardcumbo
    Please reply me it’s urgently needed boss 🙏🙏

  13. Please sir I need this app like mad
    Have texted you on Gmail and I’m not see your WhatsApp on this site

  14. Mentor I always come here for tool I most confess the app is awesome and smart, makes hustle mature and Xcaret100
    Johnohadean@gmail.com for card cumbo for cash wire
    (Tonches Richporter Zughumnan for messenger lite) for quick response!

  15. U are the real #Boss
    it all works exactly as in the video
    very easy to flash fund s, I got many cards on ground.
    Am contacting u for xcaret100

  16. Boss pls hw can ah get dey flash fund app
    Cuz am urgently in need of it
    Send me ur details 4 payment so dat ah cn 4ward it 2 u
    Boss we no dat tym wait 4 nobody
    Even if na dey way boyz go cari survive we go do am cuz we no say “Hustle must 2 pay”
    Thanks ah know my request will b approved

  17. Please boss a friend of my bought this app and you made mention of the spinning of phone number for alert but he can’t find it anywhere in the app please your help is needed boss
    Reply me ASAP

  18. How can I make payments for the flash funds and most especially is the tool still effective

  19. I need to flash 19,000 naira to someone i owe today or i will be embarrassed. Please if you have bought the software, i will forward the bank details to you. Help me with this one. Please, i will purchase mine next week but today i need help

  20. Please help me out this is the response I have been receiving when ever I try activating my flash funds

    We can’t activate this software on this device because we can’t connect to your phone network organization server make sure you are connected to your network organization and try again .. if you keep receiving this contract your network organization support person
    Please I need help whatapp 08126589306

  21. I will love to purchase the flash fund software but is there any other payment method boss

  22. Can anyone flash account for me hint me ND let’s strike a deal ….we share money under 4hrs of reflection

  23. I massage and no reply I want this app ASAP YOU CAN DROP HOW TO MAKE PAYMENT TO

  24. PLEASE ,boss how can I download the flash funds
    In my iPhone,i can’t find it in App Store please help me
    this is my whatsapp number

  25. PLEASE ,boss how can I download the flash funds
    In my iPhone,i can’t find it in App Store please help me
    this is my whatsapp number

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