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Grant format for Yahoo and Billing Techniques

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I’ve been into this yahoo system for a very long time but one of the things i learned late is “Grant format”.

Cardro pro

Though i hear my fellows pronounce it on a daily but didn’t show interest not until i saw a close friend buy cars, Built houses and did other amazing things with this Yahoo grant format then i came to realize it’s worth considering.

Spent less than three months studying it to see how it works with many trails and errors under the mentorship of a good friend before i started making money from this format particularly.

After many years experience i realized it’s definitely a good thing to learn. There are many Yahoo formats out there like I’ve said earlier. Infact you can’t even number them.

What is Grant?

in a simple definition, Grant is money/funds from the government. This money could be from the Local, federal or state level as a profit from an ongoing project.

Just as you spend money allotted to you as a gift so you can spend grant money because it doesn’t come with a payback like that of a loan. Grant from the government can be spent in whatever way best to you.

In addition, this grant yahoo format works perfectly in selective areas know for paying taxes such as:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Great Britain
  • Singapore
  • FineLand
  • Denmark
  • Netherlands
  • Germany

This will help in knowing the actual location to Bomb.

Yahoo Grant format – What you should Know

I’ve said it before that grant is like a free money and there’s no doubt everyone likes it. So we say grant format is:

  • Easy to Utilize
  • For everyone
  • Not suspicious

When you guarantee clients that you have ways through which you can help them obtain grant from the government finance sectors, they will be curious to know how possible.

Backing up your Claims with fake documents as a company or individual who’s in charge of helping the public to pull grant funds from the government. Your clients are likely to give listening ears.

In the cost of knowing or been anxious about getting the grant money “The billing follows” they will hardly suspect you are a scammer, this format is something anyone can use, and from the explanation, it’s easy.

Grant billing format and How to get started

Please pay attention here because you will be able to get Started even without a mentor if only you can understand this inscription properly.

The first thing you should do before you start hustling for clients is creating a medium through which you can negotiate with your clients (Your contact details precisely).

Using email has always been the perfect method as it’s professional, Safer and even anonymous. Contacting your clients directly on social networks aren’t advisable because of the high ban rate currently. You may end up loosing paying clients.

  • The custom Email: This is more professional and it comes like [email protected]. To get this type of email address you need to host a domain name then create the custom email under your domain directly from your host.

    This might be difficult for a newbie but we can help at affordable rate.

  • Gmail address: This is the usual one. Almost everyone knows it. There are some occasions where it’s not relevant especially when one need to add more professionality to the hustle.

Once you get your email address ready. Wither customized or normal Gmail you can now proceed to the next step.

Create a Website or Open a Fan Page

What you need is just one page website explaining how you have helped millions of people in obtaining grants from the federal, state or local government in exchange for a little fee.

If you have no idea on how to create a website, you can contact us using the floating what’sapp button or directly from our contact page. We can help you at affordable rate.

However if you don’t have money for making a website, you can easily setup a fan page on any social platform. The major thing you should be concerned about is “Your contents, Your Images. Be sure you have good photos and testimony page to convince clients. (testimonies must not be legitimate).

You need an international Phone number

There are some clients who don’t use email. They are not even familiar with it. At the same time, others might just want to chat through what’sapp.

To make this possible, you need international phone number for whatsapp.

You can’t be using your Nigeria or whatever number in chatting your clients. It’s not safe and convincing.

Where to get Paying Clients for Grant

When sorting for clients, Twitter is not an ideal space for bombing because they easily identify and publicise scammers unlike other platforms listed below.

Facebook: it’s a free platform like you already know. You can create pages and also visit groups and pages discussing similar interests such as investment, Grants, Public funds, employment and others.

You can participate on such groups strategically adding your contact details or website links. Might even be your fan page url.

To make Your Views reach millions, you can spend some bulks on Facebook advertising. “if you don’t have money, you can go the other way round”.

Instagram: Also known as IG is a social platform just like Facebook. All you need is good photos to make creative posts on your timeline just to get followers.

You can follow top celebrities so far they have the client you need as their followers. You go ahead commenting on their posts in regards to the grant offer which will eventually lead clients to your DM. “the Hustle starts from there.”

YouTube: sure you are wondering how possible it’s getting clients through YouTube. Now let me tell you how.
There are many Groups/Channels on YouTube which talks about finance, grants and others.

Just follow or subscribe to the channels and always comment on their videos recommending things you offer.

This will lead clients to your email. It’s good to always stay updated whenever these people you are following post new videos so you can be first to comment because it will give you room for greater views.

Google: To get traffic or clients from Google you must run adverts. This automatically means you need money to carry out the process. Once you place your advertisement on Google, they will display your adverts all over the world including on YouTube and many apps/websites.

The more clicks that comes through the higher money for advertising. You can give this job to Google ads experts if you are a total newbie. You can as well contact us.

Grant format For Yahoo Demo message 1&2

If you copy the below message directly without editing the necessary information you’re on your own.

The United States Government is awarding individuals who have
regularly paid their income
taxes on time a reward of $500,000.

This award is part of the
administration’s plan to
recognize people who have
contributed to the government’s
internal income generation.

If you believe you are eligible, please submit your tax evidence,
as well as your ID and other
credentials to
[email protected]. Please be aware that chosen
candidates will be contacted
privately via email for additional instructions.

Thank you for taking the time to participate, and good luck with your application.

Warm Regards Mike Tomey

The Documentation Officer’s
Secretary Treasury of
the United States


I’m writing to congratulate you on receiving a free $15,500 government grant as a result of timely payment of your income taxes! Simply send us an email at [email protected] to obtain your grant, and we will ask for your checking account details.

We’ll direct deposit the money into your bank account after it’s been processed once you give us the necessary information.

Please keep this information secure and do not share it with anybody until we have completed our processing and final paperwork.

Congratulations once again.
Warm Regards

Mike Tomey (Mike Tomey) (Make sure you confirm the name you will use from Google) The Documentation Officer’s Secretary

Treasury of the United States

What next after bombing Clients?

Relax and wait for their feedback. The vulnerable ones will always chat back on how enticing your messages and profile in particularly looks because they won’t stop scrolling through your profile wither on Facebook or Instagram.

That’s why you need to settle down in Creating a compelling and convincing profile on your social platforms.

As soon as the interested ones chat back, you have to congratulate them for being selected among the people who are qualified for the grant offer. “this will give them more confidence”

After that, ask them to submit certain documents which you are very sure everyone should possess. Such as (Passport, ID, Tax return) and pay the verification or processing fee to a giving USA account details “This should be your Pickers account”

Your billing amount depends on how much grant they want to get. Always go little at first billing.

Additional information _Grant format for Yahoo

Here’s what we do in order to get clients pay easily. We have learned that clients believe more on people they’ve got as friends probably people they have seen or done businesses with before than strangers or new meets.

So we compromise people’s account and do the bombing directly from the account. Let me briefly explain.

We hack a person’s account and send our scam messages to all their friends. They will see the message and assume it’s coming directly from their friends. They will act faster than when the message comes in other ways especially when they’ve known the person in question to be legit.

There are many ways to get USA or other international Facebook accounts .if you cannot hack, you convince your clients to give you their logins and you change details or You can buy some.

Conclusion :Yahoo format for Grants

I believe you are intelligent enough to put everything to work. Yahoo is about your smartness. There’s no way we can possibly tell you everything here. All you need is the hint and that’s what we have given.

This format is straightforward and very easy. You might not be taking huge funds on a single shot but for sure you will be alright. Hope to see you again here with testimonies.

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