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Hospital billing format for Yahoo

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Few days ago we posted an article about Grants format for client of which am very sure you benefited from. In today’s article we shall be discussing medical or hospital billing format for Yahoo .

Cardro pro

There are more similar formats such as sickness, accident or medical format but this hospital billing format for client works perfectly and even easier in convincing clients to pay. There’s no doubt you are going to like it.

Getting Started with Hospital billing format for Yahoo

You don’t need much in this format. Documents are not required unless you want to take the work in a different dimension based on your personal intelligences. What you need is:

  • Social Account – Fake
  • A smartphone or PC
  • Clients Email Address
  • Grammarlly Account
  • Gmail or Custom Email
  • Sickness Letter&Photos

Being in the hospital simply means you are sick. When choosing sickness it should be the one that will scare your clients “Deadly Diseases” . It can be Liver Failure, Kidney Failure, Stroke, bronchus, Diabetes mellitus, Tuberculosis, Cirrhosis.

By the end of this article you will no longer need hospital billing format for Yahoo PDF or whatever. So pay attention and grab it all. Am going to show you everything you need for the sickness billing format for Yahoo.

And if you are still wondering if this sickness billing format still works, this will clear your doubts.

Get a Mobile or PC:

You don’t need to be told you can’t do yahoo without a mobile or PC device. However in this sickness billing format for Yahoo, your Android device can serve you perfectly unlike when doing carding, or phishing through fake websites and squeeze pages where you are likely to use PC.

I will recommend you go for mobile as it’s easier. You can easily compose and send your sickness letters through email and get feedbacks asap. Don’t get me wrong, you can also use PC.

Fake Social Account:

There are many social networks out there where you can easily make fake profiles for your hustle such as Tinder, OkCupid, and eHarmony.

When it comes to getting legit clients online, Facebook and instagram has been recognized over other platforms. besides, it’s easy to get clients through them.

You can either create new account, hack some or buy reputable accounts with good clients. When editing or making new profiles, you should always choose gender based on the nature of the work you are intending.

Fake Email Address:

You need a new email for your work. You can create Gmail based on the name you intend using. If you gather your client email addresses from any social platforms, don’t send them email messages using third-party services “Bulk Email” this might lead your messages to spam folders.

You don’t need to be told that people rarely check on spam folders. That means your email message might just be lost there.

Create a new email and send them messages manually. When writing your email beware of how and what type of words you use to avoid your messages been caught up in spam.

If you get your Yahoo sickness photos and messages on spam then your work is likely to be void.

Grammarlly Account:

Just like other tools such as Ginger, Sapling, WhiteSmoke, and ProWritingAid and many more, Grammarlly also helps in correcting your grammars.

If you are poor in writing you can use Grammarlly premium but if you need just few corrections in your writing then the free version might serve you well.

This has been one of the most used tool out there by hustlers for grammar check because most of these clients are really intelligent. Beside that, little things get them pissed.

Sickness Letters/Photos:

If You must bill a client and make them pay, then your sickness letter should be convincing enough. Yahoo boys makes the mistake of sending same sickness letters to multiple clients which is very wrong.

Clients are smart enough to recognize a writeup they’ve seen before. Therefore it’s advisable to change your letter on every single target.

There are two sections. The first letter will have to inform your client that you’re sick and need urgent help. In the second letter you will have to include your sickness/hospital pictures + your bank details. Be sure that the selected hospital doesn’t have a website. You can make a pick on any local hospital so your clients won’t know your trace.

When sending Sickness pictures to your Clients, you have to be very careful of the kind of photos you send. Be sure you photos define your identity as portrayed to your Clients and on your profile defined.

Clients Email/Personal Details:

You need your clients personal details to enable easy billing. To archive this, you need to ask your clients for these details during your chat on the social platform. You can ask their email and occupation.

The kind of jobs they do will tell you how much billing they can counter. Some of these social networks does expose clients email addresses while platforms such as Facebook, IG, Twitter hides clients email.

The reason why you need the email especially is to send them your sickness/hospital letters. It’s safer via email because these social platforms can be disabled at any time. When you already got their email, you can continue the conversation even if the social account is banned.

Hospital Billing format for Yahoo Guide

I assume you are ready to get started having known the requirements for starting the hospital billing format for Yahoo.

Find Your Target Client: You can sort your clients on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, OKCupid etc. You are to edit your profile based on what you are interested on. E. G

You can edit your profile as a Gay or Lesbian. Even the dating format works well for this billing. If your client truly loves you, they will send you money on sending them your hospital letters and photos.

Also, when sorting your clients the age of 50 above works better. They are more likely to listen and heed to your requests.

Build Relationships with Your Targets: Your target are likely to disbelief you at first. You need to spend some time with them discussing personal relationships. This will make you build trust.

You don’t have to Message them always especially when you tell them you are a working class. Spend good time with them and capture their attention in full.

Don’t be too quick in dropping the billing. You might end up messing everything up. If you guys are of different region/zone then you should know the time frame.

Take their Personal Data: You can lie to them about your location and your occupation. Tell them you are from Dubai and you are on business trip. Then use the opportunity to ask them what they do.

In knowing what they do and where they live in, you can know the perfect amount to bill them.

You can act as a construction worker, You can be a gay, you can be a soldier. It all depends on the format you want to use.

The Hospital Billing format for Yahoo Goes This way

As soon as you have the personal informations, you can now send the billing letters having won the heart of your client.

Send Sickness Letters: You have two letters to send. The first one is to inform them you are sick. If your client didn’t respond to that message, there’s no need sending them the second billing letter. It automatically means they are not interested.

Meanwhile, if you get response from them it means you can now tender your second letter which will include your account details where they will send the money.

Remember that this second letter should include your sickness photos and it must be convincing otherwise they might detect you a scammer.

In most cases, your clients are likely to doubt you. In a case like this you need to fordge fake receipt with the hospital name and send to them.

If after all this, they still don’t believe you then you need to move on and sort for more clients. You don’t struggle over paying clients. Just keep bombing and hustling, they are everywhere online but your effort is more needed.

Check the two Sample letters below.

The below letter can be edited. You are not expected to copy it same way. We only dropped the sample to make it easy.

This sample is the first. You are not expected to send the second letter until client gives you feedback having sent the first billing letter.

Dear [name of client]

Email Subject: Help me to cure [name of the sickness you prefer]

I hope you are having a great day out there, though I am not having a great day. I do not know whether you will reply to this message, but I am asking that you reply because it means a lot to me.

Recently, I have been battling [name of sickness], and I cannot afford to foot the treatment bills. I do not also know how to beg, probably because I have a small business that keeps me going daily.

I do not intend to go into details right now because I hate to bug people. But if you would be interested, I will reply to you with some details after receiving your response. Please, bear in mind that your response will mean a lot to me, and I hope to hear from you soonest.

Thank You

[Your fake name]

Dear [name of client]

RE: Help me to cure[name of the sickness you prefer]

I recently reached out to you regarding [name of sickness] that ruins my life presently. I had pleaded that you get back to me, which you have, and I am very grateful. And I say “thank you.” I hope you are doing great.

On the [add fake date], I was diagnosed with [name of sickness], which the doctor said had been in me for some time. Prior to the diagnosis, I noticed unusual changes in my body, which include [list the symptoms of that fake sickness].

Right now, the hospital billed [write the amount in the currency of the country you’re treating the sickness (for example, $200)]. I Have gathered 20% of the bill, and I do not want to touch the money in my account because it will affect the capital of my small business [name of business].

Please, I beg that you put me into consideration and assist me to get rid of this sickness. I do not want to die in silence.

Below is the information you might require:

Name of Hospital/Clinic:

Cost of Treatment:

Fake Images of a Sick Person:

Name of Bank Account:

Bank Account Number:

Fake Image of Hospital Bill:

You can also use your digital wallets such as Cashapp, PayPal, payoneer, Bitcoin, Skrill etc depending on the client you’re dealing with.

Conclusion: medical Billing Format For client

Now that you’ve got the tips for hospital or sickness billing format for Yahoo, you can start exploring it using your own intellectuals. Don’t be a doll instead, always be smart in all your endeavors, be creative in adding to things you’ve learned.

Also remember that no matter how good yahoo sounds out there, it can never be legalized. In other words, Yahoo is illegal and can take you to jail so always take precautions.

Go and excel but remember to always check on us for updates.

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