17 thoughts on “How to Bomb Clients on WhatSapp

  1. I couldn’t find the friends number search app

    1. John Ohadean says:

      Download it from the above download button

  2. Sir it really works
    But can it add the contacts on my targets phone?

  3. Thank you
    It works
    But sir can it add the contacts of the Target to my WhatsApp?

  4. But sir if I chat them up will they see my real phone number?

  5. You are doing well boss

  6. This is best tutorial I’ve ever come across.. detailed and helpful tested ok

  7. It didn’t work on my own whatsapp

  8. S Hem Dee says:

    Thanks. More Grace to your elbow

  9. It work pafect well for me?

  10. Gabriel abad says:

    Sir how can I get the app to start

  11. WhatsApp keeps banning me because I chat clients without their permission. I have spent so much money buying new numbers 🥺

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