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How to Open US Bank Account in Nigeria

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It’s almost impossible to open US Bank account in Nigeria. But it can still be done with much manipulations and stress which I don’t even think anyone would want to pass through.

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Some Years Back, I made the move to Open USA Bank account from Nigeria hiding under the shadow of my brother who was living in the United States then having learned that one can open US Bank account successfully as a non resident. (yes there’s provision for foreigners as well).

So we started Processing Some Documents and IDs but after a while, I dropped out and channeled my clients who was always demanding for USA Bank to make payments to other platforms because the process was fucking strict and tough. What made me backoff most was when my brother got tired of the whole things. I was left with no other option than to look for alternatives.

Are You a Yahoo Boy or Girl who run things online and you need a foreign account? I won’t advice you even think about opening US Bank account instead there are selective alternatives you can work with and that’s what am here to show you today. But before then, let me share with you a perfect solution to get USA Bank account from Nigeria but this will cost you money.

How to Open USA Bank account from Nigeria

As a non US resident, You can own a bank in the United States through the help of Banking services like GetBiztoUsa.Com.

This is a unique and Legit platform which enables you to own a valid and real USA bank even without EIN/SSN or other documents.

Only that their charges is fucking high for beginners as stated on the above screenshot. However, if you can afford that “they are the best”. If you can’t afford that for now, you can consider below alternatives.

Alternatives To Open US Bank account in Nigeria

Are You finding it difficult receiving payments from top countries such as US or UK? Below are some of the reliable means to collect payments from outside countries without issues instead of chasing the impossible “Getting USA bank account from Nigeria” .

  • Payoneer Bank: Payoneer is an online platform which issues virtual Bank USA or UK Bank without Charges.

    There are some online platforms which might require you to get USA or UK bank. All you need to do is register with payoneer and as soon as your account is approved you will be issued a unique bank with routine and account number.

    With Payoneer. You can now send and receive international payments at your own comfort. To register a payoneer account is as easy is signing up for every other online program. We got an exclusive guide on how to open verified payoneer account here.

    Payoneer as well allows you to send payment requests through email and get paid by clients using their credit or debit cards even without having a payoneer account.

  • Cash App Account : Cash App don’t issue unique USA or UK bank account like Payoneer but the fact that it enables anyone in the United States to send you payments directly from their banks Makes it very relevant.

    The aim is to get paid from USA. Cash app is indeed one of the best and easiest means to receive payments from the United States.

    Unlike other payments platforms such as payoneer and PayPal, cash app registration is kinda tougher but you can do it yourself. You can check out guide here on how to open Verified cash app account.

    All You need is Your CashTag and Boom, You can start receiving payments from clients in the United States as cash app allows direct USA Bank funding.

  • Paydek Virtual Bank: Paydek.Com is another virtual Bank provider which makes it easy for you to open account with just few steps after which you can start sending and receiving payments globally.

    With Paydek, You can get virtual bank of USA and EU without hidden or extra charges.

    Paydek Supports over 60 different currencies from 120+ Countries and you can easily get paid directly to your local bank account.

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