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Legit code for fake transfer

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There are two taughts that will come your mind whenever you are set on how to send fake alert. You should either be searching for app or code for fake transfer.

Cardro pro

When i was a newbie, i usually search for code for fake transfer rather than apps because they seem easier to operate. That was just my mentality as of then.

Even now, many of you are still on same track. Am using myself as a reference so you won’t think of criticism. This post is made to lecture and not to criticize.

Incase you are still searching or wondering if there are really codes to do fake alert. This post will clear your doubts.

Special code fake transfer

For those who wants to know if there’s any specific code for fake transfer, the answer is No. There’s absolutely no ussd codes to do fake transfer.

That doesn’t mean one can no longer do fake bank alerts. You can do using other methods such as the bulk sms and the fake alert app method.

These are the two methods to send fake alert currently but among them, we usually recommend the use of apps because of security.

It will not be nice getting caught when doing fake alerts to your clients.

Fake alerts by Bulk sms

Bulk sms is the method of sending customized sms messages to individual or multiple contacts at the same time.

Network providers such as GLO, mtn, Airtel, Etisalat and others uses bulk SMS in broadcasting informations to their customers.

Banks, churches and other organizations uses bulk sms in reaching customers and clients. With just few clicks, you can send messages to millions of subscribers at affordable rates.

Sure by now you should be wondering what bulk SMS has got to do withon sending fake bank alerts.

Before the publication of certain fake alert tools which we are currently using now, there have been bulk SMS means of sending fake alerts for a very long time.

Here’s how it works.

How fake alert using bulk SMS works

Since the messages can be customized, one can easily twist them to look like bank alerts using any bank name as the senders name.

Before this can be done, you need the phone number of clients and that number must be the one linked with their accounts.

This has been the major reason the update stopped working because it’s really challenging getting your clients phone number all because you want to make payment to them.

Even if you manage to convince them, they may end up giving you a phone number that’s not linked with their account. When the alert comes in, they will immediately know it’s fake because it came through the wrong number.

Another challenge in regards to sending fake alerts using bulk SMS tools is the fact that clients bank balance won’t be updated.

Whenever someone get alerts, they are likely to check their balance alongside so if the balance didn’t reflect even after getting alert, they are likely to detect you are fake.

As a hustler, you need perfect tools to get perfect jobs. Therefore, am going to recommend two outstanding fake alert apps anyone should use without fear of getting caught.

Legit Fake bank alert apps

If you’ve been following us, you should know by now that we don’t recommend tools easily unless they have been tested and confirmed. We can’t be misleading our humble readers.

Take it or leave it, any information we share here is legit and life changing.

There are many fake alert tools online. But too many fakers out there so you gat to be very careful when sorting for such apps.

Among the many fake alert apps, flash funds and Zoalert has remained the best for many reasons.

There’s no way you search for fake alert tools without coming in contact with these two powerful tools but that major changes has always in getting the right app.

This is the end of your search.

Flash Funds Tool:

This fake alert tool works specially for Nigerians. It makes it easy sending fake bank alerts to any Nigeria bank without stress.

With flash funds, you can send any amount and get it directly to the recipient bank balance with just few clicks.

Here’s how it’s processed: When you download the flash funds app, you will then topup your wallet after registration.

The topup you buy determines the amount you will have in your wallet to send fake alerts. for example,

When you pay 100$ on your flash funds app, you will be given 1.5M naira topup on your wallet balance.

If you pay 200$, you will be funded with 5M naira. You can then start sending fake bank alerts nonstop with this money in your wallet until exhausted.

Here’s an official video on how to use flash funds app.

You can download the app on your Android device below.

The alert duration is 14days, after which it will disappear from recipient bank balance.

Zoalert Tool:

While flash funds app works for Nigeria, Zoalert work for local and international banks.

With Zoalert you can send unlimited fake bank alerts to over 40 countries globally including UK and USA.

The alert duration is also 14days before the funds disappears but you don’t need to fund wallet unlike the flash funds app.

Zoalert comes with a token and each token is connected with automatic funds of $10M (ten million dollars).

When you buy your token, you have access to $10M. Until this topup is exhausted, your app won’t stop working.

When the funds get exhausted, you can then order a new token to continue using the app.

Here’s an official video showing how Zoalert app works. You can watch below.

You can download zoalert app on your Android device here.

It cost just $100 to get Zoalert token and each token works for one device. It can be used as long as the $10M linked with the token has not been exhausted.

Conclusion: Code for fake transfer

From the above, we have stated that there’s no code for fake transfer but there are fake alert apps which you can use without getting caught.

We have listed flash funds and Zoalert and we said flash funds is for local while Zoalert works for both local and international transfer.

So far, we’ve cleared your doubts about getting codes for fake alerts. If you find this post helpful, kindly use the share button.

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