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Phone billing format for client PDF

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Of course, investigating scams is no never tiring. This time around, I’d be revealing the phone billing format for client, which can be used by a swindler to obtain a new phone from their potential victims. You can also decide to download or save this page in PDF for future reference.

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So, let’s say you need a new phone, then the phone billing format for client is the yahoo scam format to do. Getting money from a client gets harder but getting a phone might be just simpler, according to popular opinion.

To do phone billing format for client, they find a client and apply their yahoo format. The con man will also delay chats, send a photo(s) of a damaged phone, and will not pressurize the client (you). When the client (you) agrees to send a phone, they do not tell you to send it unless you ask.

Again, the yahoo format for billing a phone is so unlike formats like dating billing, job scam, etc., that bill money, which have each been explicitly investigated and published on this website. It can also be easy to do for a con man if you have the right knowledge and tools.

Phone billing format for Client

As a tradition, this section exposes the tools the average yahoo boy needs for this yahoo format.

Pictures of a damaged phone

The first tool for phone billing is pictures of the damaged phone. A scammer does not need internet photos so that the client cannot trace them.

They can simply work into any phone technician’s store, grab a badly damaged phone, take photos of it, and claim it’s the current condition of their device.

According to an anonymous Reddit user, “You need a damaged phone that has a malfunctioning screen. It should also be an iPhone or a top Android brand like Samsung, Xiaomi, or Google Pixel.”


A VPN is always necessary to protect a yahoo boy’s ID online. Free VPNs may not give the added protection but if they know the one that can, they still use them. This does not stop premium VPNs from being the best option.

However, another Reddit user, Zig78 adds, “Hiding your location may not be necessary if you reside in a decent country. You need the client (or potential victim) to ship a phone to your destination, so there is no need to hide or lie about your location.”

This is to say that if you must hide your location IP, then you must lie about your location to the client. This also means that you need someone to collect the scammed phone and reship it to your location.

Suppose a scammer lives in South Africa but their client is an American. Antony on Quora says, “If you do not want this client to know where you live, you need someone living in a location like the UK or the US to collect the phone and reship to your country.”


A reshipper can only be managed by the person shipping the phone. Unless your client allows you to shop the phone you want with their account (which may not happen), then you need them to know about the reshipper. Otherwise, a picker is who you need to collect and reship your phone.

Now, as an internet user, this revelation means that if there’s a random kid on there that has asked for mobile phone and claims to have someone who’ll do the picking for them, the chance is that they’re a con artist.

Online retail account

Having dug further into some private Telegram advertised on Facebook, I’ve gathered a lot more about an online retail account, which I’ll narrate in the voice of a con man.

“You need an online retail account such as AliExpress, Amazon, etc. If your client is directly responsible for the shopping and buying of the phone, they get to decide what retailer to use. Their choice of retailer must be the one that can ship to the location you are (if you want them to know about it) or where your picker resides.”

A picker

A picker is not always a fellow scammer. If a picker is a fellow scammer, the chance is that they can keep the scammed phone to themselves, putting the other party at a loss. But this is not to say that con artists don’t also play themselves.

A picker can be a friend you know that resides in another country a scammer would love their client to ship the phone to make them legit. A picker can be a family member who collects the item on their behalf and reship it to them in another country.

Billing address

If a scammer needs to give the billing address of their city, they typically find out from the post office. If another person such as a picker is receiving the phone, they ask them to confirm the postal code of their nearest mail office.

Finally, the postal information, including the city name, postal code, etc., is given to the client for the phone shipping.

How to do phone billing format for client phone billing format for client

With the help of Reddit, Quora, Telegram groups and a few other platforms, I’ve gathered what I would describe as “intel” to help you protect yourself online when engaging with strangers.

That said, in this section, you will get to know how phone billing for yahoo works:

Find a client

The first step is always to find a client. To find a yahoo client depends on the yahoo format. According to Mitchell (not real name), a Reddit user, “Let us say you want to use dating billing, then you have to set up your scam account like someone who needs a partner.”

The whole idea is to be able to attract a client by doing what is relevant to them. “In the case of a job scam format, you need to set up your fake account and profile as an HR manager, recruiter, or employer,” he added.

Apply your yahoo format

“When you find your client to bill for a phone, your next step is to start a conversation the correct way. Otherwise, they can tell that you are a scammer and will block or report your account,” a response from an anonymous user on

Note that the yahoo scam you apply must be consistent. Let’s say you need to date a client, then you must get them to be emotionally attached to you. This can take at least 2-4 weeks.

A fast yahoo format can be a job scam format. Here, the scammet offers to complete the scam target’s employment when they send in a phone the inexistent company’s representative will use to keep in touch with them.

Delay chat replies

In the course of this research, we’ve figured that smart con men delay responses to make it seem like they are too busy and legit.

From the eye view of a swindlers, here is how the scam chat delays work: you have to delay chats with your client to send them a message. At some point, the client may be worried about why you delay the chats or suddenly disappear from ongoing conversations with them.

If you are doing a romance scam, you will notice that your client will need pictures or videos or even a video call with you. Tell your client you would be willing to do all of these but need a phone to do so.

Since you just stuck it to the client that getting a phone will let you have all the video calls with them and all, they will be more than willing to help. Johnson added that in fact, this is the reason why phone billing is not really a yahoo scam because it does not steal but asks in bad faith.

You can further convince the client that you are legit by lying to them that you are saving up. First, you indirectly tell the client the kind of phone you want but add that you are saving for it. For example, you could say that your dream phone costs about $1,000 but that you just saved $100. The client can offer to cover it all and send a phone to you.

From this finding, it could be that some random person replying you with delays is psychologically playing you to get victimized.

Send proofs to the client

Jackswe11 in a Telegram post says that even though your client believes you, give them the benefits of the doubt. The client will have nothing against you even if they wanted to since you are opening up things to them even before they ask.

Tell the client if they mind you sending a photo or two of your damaged phone. If they say “do not bother”, then do not send the photos.

You can try having a video call with the client without them asking. Use reflective plastic to cover the camera, so that the camera is blurry, and the client sees nothing.

If you do not have the accent the client thinks you should have, or cannot speak the way the gender (man, woman, or gay) you choose should, play a movie of that accent or language in the background to convince the client.

Do not pressure for a new phone

“The client already knows you need a phone, so no need to pressure them. Any pressure or force for a new phone is a signal that you may be a scammer. Note that explicit demands are likelier to be rejected,” added Jackswe11.

Also, do not tell the client the type of phone you want unless they insist. Tell them “I just need a phone, any phone I can have video calls with you”. But you can hint at them on the phone that you want by mentioning it.

From this revelation, if someone you just met online is pestering for a phone but not pressuring you for it, it could be a swindler you’re dealing with.

Billing the phone

The next procedure is for the scammer to bill you of the phone.

There are two ways to bill the phone from a client – the client buys the phone or the scammer buys it themselves with access to their retail service account or money.

  • Client buys the phone.
    Jackswe11 claims they handle everything and they will know your real location since they also enter your billing address. But you can give them the billing address of your picker who later sends the phone to your country.

  • You buy it yourself.
    In this regard, if the client lets you use their retail account such as Amazon, AliExpress, or whatever, you need a reshipper if you do not want the client to know where exactly you would be shipping the phone—Jackswe11 (Telegram).

    Now, the scammer will contact the reshipper and give them their location. Reship, for example, can ship from any online store in Canada, the USA, and the UK when there are shipping restrictions in your country.

    They search for the reshipper that supports the country of their client and can ship to their own location online and sign up with them.

Collect the phone

The final stage is to collect the phone the con man just scammed or received from a client. Again, this phone billing will only be a scam if you make it so. After you receive the phone, the client or victim expects the scammer to send them their pictures or videos, or have a video call with them.

If a scammer fails to do so, it is bad faith and a scam, so it is up to con man to decide whether they want it to be a scam or not.

In my opinion, it’s a scam. But what would your opinion hold of this revelation—a scam or bad faith?

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