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The First thing is to Ask for our Bitcoin address before making payment. You can do that on what’sapp or through email message. Now, I assume you already got our Bitcoin address and you want to make payment.

Below is a quick guide on how to Buy Bitcoin Using Your Credit/debit Card even without having a bitcoin wallet.

How to Pay Hackbanks With Bitcoin for Newbies

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InstantGold.Ng is a Bitcoin and other digital currency exchanger running since 2007. They Buy and sell digital currencies including Bitcoin at affordable rate.

To get Started Buying BTC through their website, Simply register an account with Instantgold.Ng Filling the registration form correctly.

After Registration, Login Your Account using your email and password during sign up.

Having Logged in Your account, From the right hand side menu, click On My Bank & E-Currency .

After that, Fill in Your bank name, bank account number and also the Bitcoin address you want to Buy the funds with and save your settings. You can leave other details blank or fill them with any info because they are not relevant.

Having Done that, You can Now click on Buy E-Currency from the right side menu.

Fill In The amount You want to Buy, ✅tick Bitcoin and Select your payment method as Paystack if you want to pay with Card or other means of payment on the list.

Then You can Now proceed with Your payment. Once your payment is successful, The amount purchased will be credited to the provided Bitcoin address

As soon as it’s done successfully and your payment has been made, you can now contact us with your payment proof to get your order delivered.

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