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Fresh Jumia Log For Sale 2024

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For a while we’ve been selling jumia accounts through what’sapp and other social platforms. but now, we’ve decided to announce it publicly to inform all our followers that we have legit and Fresh Jumia log for sale. Perhaps you might need some for easy online order.

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In this post, I will share with you some tips on how to buy Jumia Log from reliable sources.

Am very much aware that most of you who already knew about this even before now has gotten scammed probably because you went through the wrong channels. You should know that whatever we do here which is legit is replicated out there for scam purposes.

I’ve gotten so many questions from newbies such as:

  • Is Jumia Logs Real/Legit?
  • How does Jumia log works,

Even without buying some online? That’s for those who are searching for ways to get jumia logins for free.

Is Jumia Log Real/Legit?

As For those of you who still doubt if Jumia log is legit this is not something new at all just in case you don’t know.

We have been doing jumia log business for the past two years and we are not the first in the game. This automatically means this update has been in existence longer than you can ever imagine.

As a matter of fact, Any online shop can be spammed so there’s nothing special about jumia logins. It’s just like every other website which can spammed, Cracked or hacked.

Jumia log is real and very legit. There’s nothing dubious about it. Even if you are not a hacker at least you should believe in hacking.

How does Jumia Log works?

Jumia logs/logins are details own by some individuals somewhere in Nigeria. I mean real people. What makes them different from newly registered accounts and high in demand is because they are equally loaded with good balance.

So when you get these jumia login details, you access them and use the money in their available balance in placing orders directly from Jumia website without any trace.

You can buy expensive items and gadgets like iphones,Digital cameras ,computers etc.

How to Use Jumia Logins

Below are the 8 steps to use jumia logs.

Step 1. Get a Jumla log from us or any other legit vendor online.

Step 2. Log in to the Jumia website ( you don’t need any vpn) since it’s Nigeria log you purchased you don’t need any VPN.

Step 3. Buy any of the available products you want or need and simply add it to cart as usual.

Step 4. Click on confirm order and change the shipping address of the products to a location closest to you(it’s advisable not use your real house for pick up)

Step 5. After that click on pay from Jumia balance and proceed to checkout.

Step 6. Your order is confirmed and your goods will be successfully shipped to the address you choose.

Step 7. A confirmation text will be sent to the phone number you used.
So, I advice you use a new SIM card not registered in your own name(you might use your own Sim. card but for safe purposes it’s advisable to use any other Sim card that’s not registered in your name)

Step 8. You’re good to go
Your orders will be delivered to you successfully, Get your goods and sell them or keep them for your personal use It’s your choice.

How to Get Hacked Jumia Logs for free

Am sure you are surprised to see this headline right? But the truth is that “You can never get spammed or hacked logins for free anywhere online. Am sorry to disappoint you.

No body is ready to do such work for you without charges. So i will advise you escalate that taught and start thinking something different.

Perhaps go for the low balance log with less money. Spamming is not an easy job which can be done for free.

How to Spam Jumia Log

There are many ways to spam jumia log. But the popular method is through phishing, this means creating a fake website exactly like Jumia.

You explore promo strategies in getting clients to login through your fake website. Once this happens, their credentials goes to your database.

Cloning jumia website will make your victims think they are dealing with jumia official. they won’t hesitate to order since they feel it’s promo season as you have posted.

When choosing a domain name, it should be one that looks exactly like Maybe something similar like “” visitors won’t notice the last X easily so long they have seen jumia design.

If you are Also good in email Hacking, you hack email database for Jumia registered users. With this, you can change password of their logins since you have their email access.

In this process you will need email scrapper to grab all email addresses registered under jumia website. Afterwards you can go ahead with the process.

Jumia Logins for sale

We have many jumia log for sale with different balance. The balance range you need will determine the cost for the account.

If You want to Buy Jumia log/account with good balance, just message us with the balance range you need.

We will check our database to see if we have any balance that fit your demand. Otherwise, we tell you the available ones so you can make a choice.

Note: We don’t give logins rather they are available for sale so don’t come begging because we may not reply to your chats.if you are ready to order kindly message us on WhatSapp using the contact details on this website.

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