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How to Bypass Paypal Phone Verification

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How to Bypass paypal phone verification

PayPal is one Best international Payment method with many problems. They have programmed their bots so sharp that even their discovery of suspicious activities is becoming suspicious. I can Boldly say, if paypal have 10Million registered users only 2 million or less is currently active while others has been suspended for suspicious activities which is their major reason for account suspensions and limitations.

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There are many Reasons and ways through which paypal users lost control over their accounts but the most common one is PayPal asking for phone number verification before accessing the account in general. Before I further my writing to explain if one can Bypass paypal Phone Verification, let me explain exactly what it mean for easy understanding.

PayPal Asking For Phone Verification?

Some days, You may want to login Your PayPal account, Only for you to find out that paypal has kept the phone verification mandatory before you can access your account.

At this Junction, They will remove the Not Now option which is usually available to Bypass the phone verification. When this happens, you will have no other option than to verify your phone number or reset your PayPal password for this security check to be cleared.

When PayPal make it compulsory for you to verify Your Account phone number before you can login, Try few things Below.

  • Clear Browser History: Try Clear Your phone or pc browser cache and history then login again. But if it didn’t work, then try the next step.

  • Change Your device: If you are trying this on PC and it’s demanding for security check, Just download the PayPal app on your phone and login using mobile app instead of using the Web version. Sometimes accounts asking for phone verification get solved when logged in through mobile apps

  • Change Your Password: If you are able to change your password, it’s advisable you change your password and try login again. But unfortunately, PayPal don’t allow change of password without an active phone number.

    Each time you attempt changing phone number, they will send an OTP to your email address then after confirming that, they will send another to your phone number before you can proceed to enter new password.

  • Confirm Your Phone number: Confirm your Number if the number you’ve added is real, but if it’s a fake number then use the add number button to add new phone number for confirmation. In most cases, the add number might not even show up. If it doesn’t then there’s no way out

    But if it does then you will have to get some New Virtual number based on your PayPal country here and add it up for verification.

Bypass Paypal Phone Verification

Am Very sure there’s no possibl strategy To Bypass Paypal phone Verification when the demand is compulsory and the Not Now Button is not made available to pass it.

I understand that Getting virtual numbers for certain countries can be very tough and expensive. But If your PayPal account is UK, Canada, Poland, or US, You can use the guide here on how to get virtual number for paypal verification.

If your PayPal account is Lesotho, Uae, South Africa, Iceland, Canada, Cambridge, Canada or other countries around the Globe, you can Get any Country Virtual Number Here.

Alternative To Bypass Paypal Phone Verification

Call PayPal on Phone but make sure you have your complete phone number wither fake or real (you should be able to remember any digits added as your phone number because they will ask you during the call).

Tell them You lost your Phone number and that you can’t access your account. They will ask your certain questions related to the account such as “Your PayPal name, date of birth, Phone number etc…

If you can give them accurate details, They will unlock the account for a while with the hope that you will login to update your phone number. As soon as your account is open, you can now access and change your phone number because it can be locked out again.

Due to the details paypal might ask for when you call them to resolve issues, it’s strictly advisable you always get your PayPal account registration details noted for another day reference.

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