1. I want to know,if i should send someone fake alert using flash funds can I also get fake debit alert?

  2. Hello…after using the the flashfund apk for fake alert,what if there was no money on the receiving account before the flash,can the money flashed be withdrawn before its expires?

  3. hi I need the app cuz someone frauded me

    so I already know how to go about it

    send me the adress to pay to

  4. Please how can i make payment to get the fake alert app. I seriously need it.

  5. I paid for flash funds and i got it for the first time of buying real hacking tool online. Thanks 🙏

  6. You can either download through the website or chat our contact for direct download after payment

  7. I already got the app. Updated Version 8.1.used it twice already and it worked. Tho for the two times, I only did a 50k false flash. Lol. It’s pretty simple.

  8. Is it same thing with flash funds Beta? I’ve seen Flash funds beta so I want to know if there’s any unique difference

  9. Please anyone that can help me with this flash fund app🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲 please.

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