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How to transfer money without otp

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By the end of this article you will learn how to transfer money without otp verification using Xcaret100 app.

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I don’t really share most of my tools even for money because once they are well known even by the Government agents such as the EFCC ,SARS, Police etc, it becomes a problem.

It has happened in many scenario where my device has to be searched by these officials but they ended up with nothing because they assumed the tools to be some ordinary apps. That was risky anyway.

If you’ve been following this blog for the past three years you will understand how we operate here. We usually ask you to contact us for any app unlike now when we’ve decided to change the concept and make the apps available for easy download. Am sure you love it.

The main talk here is “Transferring money without otp validation using Xcaret100 tool” so let’s get started.

Understanding the Otp and function

The otp which is also know as one time password was introduced by banks not only in Nigeria for security purpose.

Otp is like a key through which every bank account is unlocked for online transactions. For you to carry out transactions online using your ATM card on shops like Jumia ,konga,paystack ,flutterwave etc you need otp otherwise there’s no way out.

The bank assume you own the account so the otp they are sending is directly to the phone number or email address which is used in registration of the account. You will have to enter the code to authorize transactions.

There’s no online store in nigeria to transact without otp. But there are many International online stores where we use cards without OTP verification. (visa cards especially)

Those who do online carding will understand but this can’t work on local stores in Nigeria. The otp will definitely be required and that’s exactly what we are dealing with in this article.

Transfer money without otp using Xcaret100

Have you ever woke up early in the morning and looking at your phone you see beeps of alerts?. You then assumed it may be alerts for sms charges so you further looked closely and all you see is debits upon debits which you cannot even explain.

While you’re still wondering if you’ve done any transaction either intentionally or by mistake, you kept on seeing more beeps behold “the debits kept coming”.

If this has never happened to you, i hope never get such experience because it’s not funny at all when men has worked overnight on your account while you get alerts by morning.

Without being told the next thing you will do is rush to the bank to complain and probably block the account to avoid more debits but before then, the deal has already been done.

On further search by the bank, they ended up saying “We are sorry the account where funds were transferred to could not be located” so you shouted in the bank like a mad man and went home unfulfilled.

This is not just a story ,so many funds has been gone through this means of which am very sure many of you reading this post are witnesses.

What is Xcaret100 App?

Xcaret100 is designed for just one task and that’s to remove money from any credit or debit card without otp.

This app works for both international and local cards and its available for android ,iPhone and pc users.

We used encryptions from certain international websites where one can do transactions without Otp to build Xcaret100 a perfect otp bypass tool

This app has solved the issue of transferring money from stolen or hacked ATM cards in nigeria and abroad without having OTP validation challenges.

Here’s how it works:

You need just the victims card number ,cvv and expiry date .you don’t need their pin or password. When you have these card details, you can then topup your Xcaret100 wallet directly using the details you’ve got.

After topup ,the money will be removed from the card details and be deposited to your Xcaret100 Wallet where you can then transfer to either paypal ,bitcoin or bank account.

How to stay anonymous when using XCARET100

Let me quickly clear you in regards to this area where you may have been confused also. Your account won’t be tracked when you withdraw the funds directly from Xcaret100 because the app is already anonymous and as far the money has been removed from card to the app, there’s no more trace.

When investigation is conducted on the victims account to see where the funds goes,it will show blank name in bracket Xcaret100 and that will leave them without trace.

But if you’re still scared or you’re so much concerned about you not using your real details to withdraw from Xcaret100 app,you can follow the below guidelines.

Meet any aboki man far from your location, Pay them to help you open a fake bank account. They will open the account with their personal details using the new sim card you will buy for that purpose.

They will collect and give you the ATM card. Now you are good to Go.

Anytime you get some cards, Use XCARET100 to move all funds to your fake bank account, from the fake account you can then withdraw from any POS far from you or use the funds for online transactions. With this, you will have killed your fears of staying anonymous.

Conclusion: Transfer money without otp

As a hacker, you don’t think like ordinary human, you think beyond the impossibility.

You imagine and find solutions to the things which has been tagged impossible. With this, you can make Massive income given them a perfect solution (that’s how hacking pays)

Most of the Anonymous Hacking tools online are developed and Designed by Hackbanks. We are specialized in breaking bank codes and passing through bank windows doing the usual things anonymously.

You can signup for our Hacking and Software developing master class for Just $175.

It’s one whole year online hacking course which is only based on development of bank hacking related tools. You can pay half and at the end of six months, you pay the rest while you complete the course.

Let’s keep that aside for now. If you interested just message us on whatsapp or send email message.

So far you have gotten the last longing solution on how to transfer money in Nigeria without OTP verification.

You can’t hit the street hard unless you are prepared and you can’t be prepared without getting your tools ready.

Get your tools ready row and start hitting the street hard.

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