Remove Money From BVN Or Card without Otp
Android ApK

Unlimited Bank Hacking Tutorials

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  2. Thanks for share Boss. I have as well learned to be more careful with Bank details

  3. Boss, I paid for the software but only got the XCARET100 APK app downloaded

    I was expecting The PC software as well. I taught we are going to get both versions for the above amount?

  4. So sorry @Oreoluwa.for now we don’t have the PC version for Xcaret100

    It’s only the Android version and that’s what you get for the above price. If in future the software got upgraded and made available for PC users, we will notify all our buyers with the download link without additional payment

  5. Fontpower says:

    Eye opening article. God bless for all the Works you’ve been doing here

    But i want to ask “Can I use Xcaret100 in 🇬🇧 UK?

  6. No Sir, Xcaret100 works only in Nigeria. If You need Universal Bank Hacking Software then you should be looking at CardCumbo

  7. Christiana says:

    Already purchased the software but want to ask! PLEASE can I sell to as many people as I want without restriction? Or do I also need to purchase resell right?

  8. Nope

    YYou don’t need purchase right. Once you have made purchase and gotten your download link, you are free to sell to as many people as you desire

  9. Christianasays says:

    Alright boss. I will consider making some cash then because so many of my yahoo friends also need the software

  10. Really grateful. Have been following your blog for sometimes now and your Tool both free and paid has helped my hustle

    Oluwa continue to lift you higher

  11. Christopher says:

    Xcaret100 is indeed a great software. Motivated to even do video review after using this software for few days if not the circumstances behind the illegal deals 😂

    🏃 🏃 🏃 🏃 🏃 🏃 🏃 🏃 🏃 🏃 🏃 🏃 🏃 🏃 🏃

  12. Thanks for your comment.

  13. Boss Please i need your Help. It’s been two weeks I have been using this app

    But now it’s showing Crash error message each time am trying to launch the app. What could be wrong pls?

  14. Be sure You are not using the software on a lower android version

    And also, delete, download and install again. If the issue continues, Kindly contact us on WhatsApp

  15. bro i need your urgent assistant and whats your whats app number?

  16. Donald obede says:

    Xcaret100 is good,I used it

  17. Boss abeg,how do I be your referral partner?

  18. You can message me on what’sapp let’s discuss that immediately

  19. Bro you are indeed a Boss of life. XCARET100 is dope mehn

  20. Am currently using this. I purchased it some months ago and it’s awesome. Please can I get the latest version of flash funds?

  21. Whooooo 🤭 am surprised you are sharing this powerful tool for just a token. Before i purchased here, I’ve been scammed many times

    But am happy I finally found the tool I’ve been longed searching for.

  22. Oghenewoke says:

    Thanks for share bro. But I need some local format Bikonu

  23. London base says:

    Yo, this tool just made yahoo so so easy

  24. Please bro here’s my email kindly remember to send me updates when new version is out. Am using the current version and would love to stay updated 🙏

  25. Boss! Thanks for this solution. It worked fine

  26. You are always a boss. Always on point, always on track, always right

  27. Folounsho says:

    I got access to many cards. So far I’ve made some good money from just Few cards explored. Am happy boss

  28. Copied and saved. Coming back to purchase next week sir. I lack funds currently

  29. I think this is easier if you can get good card sources. My concern now is getting legit card details having purchased the app

  30. Thanks bro. I’ve sent payment proof on WhatsApp please check

  31. YoungMoney says:

    Using app already and it’s highly recommended. I appreciate boss

  32. Please i need your Bitcoin address. I couldn’t make payment directly from your website

  33. Bitcoin address can only be forwarded to you on WhatsApp on email. Kindly message us on WhatsApp or drop your email address

  34. Received and app forwarded. Do let us know if you encounter issues

  35. Sure. You just need to operate your mobile few minutes without stress and boom, you’ve made some good money.

    That’s if only you can get some legit loaded cards

  36. Always Available for business

  37. We automatically send updates when it’s due so you need no worries

  38. Sure. You don’t need worries as it’s stress free

  39. You are always welcome to

  40. Am also happy you are gradually making it big

  41. We don’t take half payments.

  42. You can make millions in a short time depending on how fast you are able to get loaded and Legit cards

  43. Boss You are always too much. I so much believe you. More cashout

  44. No worries man. We are always together

  45. Mary Jane Cort says:

    Boss, I need the Xcaret100 app (please how can I get it sir

  46. App will be forwarded via email after payment. You can reach out to us using the contact page

  47. Goodluck mine says:

    For the past 3 months I’ve been using Xcaret100, I can boldly say “it’s more than awesome hacking tool when it comes to bypassing OTP verification

  48. Joja Mark says:

    Xcaret100 is really a great tool. Thanks for sharing here bro.
    I was introduced by a friend and I’ve longed been searching for this tool

  49. Hello bro. I purchased Flash Funds and I later Noticed the daily limit is just 4times

    Please does this one have anything of such?

  50. As stated above, You cannot send Below 30K and above 3M naira daily

    Am sure that answers your question

  51. Gigroma Ogha says:

    Always following your Blog and purchasing your tools. Am still waiting for more tools to be released ☺

  52. Thanks for commenting. As long as you’re following us, you will surely get updates on new release

  53. Demagician says:

    The boss, how can I do the referral program

  54. You can Message us on what’sapp with the phone number of anyone whom you introduce us to

  55. Demagician says:

    Can I use someone else account to pay my account can not do online banking

  56. Demagician says:

    The boss, I have make the payment. Confirm it and send me the download link

  57. Download link and activation Key forwarded via the email you dropped on whatsapp you can confirm and get back to me.

  58. Demagician says:

    !Alright boss seen and downloaded. Thanks

  59. How can I contact you John? your email or Whatsapp number is not here

  60. Anonymous says:

    This is my email address …..….please contact me ASAP John

  61. We just sent you email message

  62. Jimi okasi says:

    Hello Sir – I purchased Xcaret100 software but didn’t work on any international card. It was though working for the local cards. Which software is best for international transactions please

    Am ready to buy

  63. Cardcumbo is perfect for international transactions. You can message us on what’sapp or email for purchase

  64. Paid and gotten app. Thanks 🙏

  65. This is impressive

  66. Thanks friend 🙏

  67. Hey John I just emailed you about how can I make a payment for the app it’s urgent and I need it like fast so please email me that my email address thanks John more cashout

  68. U can make payment for Xcaret100 through Ven, Payoneer or Bitcoin

    I have responded to your mail

  69. Thanks man. I’ve gotten details

  70. Pls how do I get this app XCARET100 on Android

  71. Cost is as stated on the post above. You get app and activation key forwarded via email after payment

  72. I need the app bro

  73. How do I get the app boss

  74. Send us DM

  75. Anonymous says:

    i have credit card contact me so we can do business

  76. I have a Nigeria corporate account that can carry any amount. 100% guaranty. You don’t need to be scared. If you are scared, you are free to meet in person then share money.

  77. HELLO

  78. Eazi Jogger says:

    Please anyone with the tools should contact me… I have much card on ground but i dont have money to purchase the tool.
    Please boss or anybody mesage me let us share funds please

    Whatsapp: +2348134742476

  79. Hello boss. Man how can I get the app please reply me with ur contact detail thank u

  80. You can reach us by email

  81. Anonymous says:

    Boss, I got one question.
    Does XCARET100 work on iOS?
    I got two phones and none of them is Android. Thanks.

  82. Not at all. Xcaret100 does not work on IPhones. In fact, almost all the hacking apps don’t work on iphones

  83. This information is cool

  84. i will get back to you

  85. Anonymous says:

    Boss please do you have app to clone sim

  86. Khalid Muhammad says:

    Hi boss I have question I have cards on my hand and the problem is that I don’t have enough money to purchase the app so is their any way that I can get the apo thank you

  87. No brother, we don’t have SIM cloning app for sale but we render SIM cloning services

  88. your whatsapp number plz

  89. Hello everyone please I’m sorry to disturb , I got some local bank I would like to work on but I haven’t purchased the app because BTC is high now please anyone who got the app should dm me let’s work so I can get enough money to buy my own , send me a mail at or Whatsapp me at 08085791875. Than you.

  90. Anonymous says:

    And i can help since am a web designer, i can create fake transaction site that gives the card details u want.. i can do this in matter of hrs

  91. Hy boss i have a big biz,if u don’t mind contact mi

  92. I have a big biz pls contact mi boss,

  93. […] cardro pro have limit to how much one can withdraw daily?. Not at all. Unlike Xcaret100 which does 3million daily limit, cardro been a BVN hacking app can withdraw […]

  94. Please anyone with xcaret100, I have many ATM details with me, so add up let do business, 08122719556

  95. Hi boss I have question I have cards on my hand and the problem is that I don’t have enough money to purchase the app so is their any way that I can get the apo thank you

  96. I send you message on WhatsApp through this number 0909971693 pls boss reply my soon pls thank u

  97. wonderful app indeed

  98. wonderful app indeed

  99. George Roy Peterson says:

    Thanks for the amazing post

  100. George Roy Peterson says:

    Thanks for the amazing post

  101. maduabebe loko says:

    how can i get flash funds app?

  102. alex o'connell says:

    I need Sim cloning service, pls how do I get the service…

  103. alex o'connell says:

    I need the XCARET100, my email address is how do I send payment and how soon would i get it?

  104. Anonymous says:

    I have been to your website I did not see your WhatsApp number, and I have been messaging you on this your WhatsApp number +44 7380 371722 but no reply, I just wanna tell you that I need Xcaret100 app, please message me on WhatsApp +2347088306308

  105. A fiend just contacted me now that he has a bank details and need someone that can move out money from it without OTP I don’t have money to buy the software but I don’t mind hooking you up with this deal so I can earn my own software too… contact me so we can get this thing rolling

  106. Anonymous says:

    I have creadit card dm me on whatsaap ASAP LETS TALK BUSSINESS @‪+1 (727) 998‑6987‬

  107. I can remove money with credit card,my cut is 40%, email me

  108. Obayemi kehinde says:

    I have credit card with big fund inside 7 million,
    I need person that can use xcaret app to do it,
    Because I have not buy

  109. El diablo says:

    I have two credits card with high amount in them, anybody that can work on them should contact me on this number 08168438488 (c0lls only)

  110. Anonymous says:

    can i withdraw the fund using us bank then transfer it to e-wallet?

  111. Obayemi kehinde says:

    I have a card with 7 million, but I have not purchased the app,
    Anyone that can you is app to pullout the money make we share , add me on WhatsApp

  112. Reply boss

  113. Please we get too many comments. We recommend you always email or whatsapp us for quick response

    We may not be able to reply all your messages here

  114. How can I get xcaret100
    WhatsApp details on how to make payments n download it

  115. Plz I have ATM cards 20m pls who can run it so as to have money to pay for the tools anybody

  116. Please, i dont do 9ja work at all, all i need is flashing of bank account software, internationally that the mugu will see the alert even though it go bck after 10 mins.

    I just want the mugu to see the the alert on his phone

  117. I have cc , if can cash it out. 40%.

  118. Boss I have been trying to purchase the app but it has been telling that the payment method is not in my country. Help me please. What should I do now?

  119. Please how can I get the software..

  120. Does this app works on iPhones?
    Classify the apps for me here and their different functions.

  121. Can you steal from oyibo clients bank account with the app or does it only work within Nigeria?

  122. Please how will i purchase xcaret100, please i need it urgent , I’ve many work at hand and please call it work in south Africa banks

  123. can i use the app to deposite on any betting app like sportybet without asking for otp?

  124. Please i need a job carried out. Hope you could get in touch asap

  125. Anonymous says:

    Please boss I need the app. How can I purchase?

  126. the tool is fast and straight forward

  127. Olamide Iretioluwa says:

    Please Gees and boss John i need your whatapp number secondly i need anyone that have the app who can run package of #200m i have all details please it will lapse on Wednesday please if you have the app contact me on

  128. Sir i have an atm card with more than 20 million in the account i only need to withdraw 3 million from it here is my gmail

  129. Anonymous says:

    Here’s my Gmail, dm me plz

  130. Johnson Matthew says:

    How can I get the Xcaret100 please I seriously need it

  131. I need a good Hk that i can be working with because i do get plenty local jobs but no Hk to shut the job. I you contact me with this number 09020361944.

  132. How to get the tool?

  133. Akwagiobe Godwin says:

    How much for xcaret 100

  134. Please how do i get d app
    I have job 10million right now
    And i need d app to wire d funds

  135. Gifted. Gift says:

    I need the xcaret100 pls. And also I need a hacker on a little job. Pls hook me up. I have been duped severally and I ve wasted money too much.

    Here is my story boss. There is a job currently working on. All the banking details are accurately supplied all we need now is an app that will move funds to the aboki account. And secondly if the account we are moving fund from is dormant, can this app still work. Thank you sir.

  136. Please I need the tool Cardro pro DM me on 08117883585

  137. Hello boss, can I use the Xcaret100 to bypass otp if I want to send money from debit card into Luno

  138. I followed up all they comment on this site and it was awesome, really wanted this App and being desperate of it… Am done with they payment with they first bank acct, Boss please do something.

  139. i have the debit card at hand but i don’t have the Cash to pay now can i download the app and back after the transaction please very urgent

  140. Yusuf kabiru says:

    Please can i buy xcaret100 from anyone

  141. Anonymous says:

    App is working perfectly as described

  142. I need the app

  143. Boss how long does it takes to receive the activation code

  144. Who has the app should contact me
    Got some cards at hand

  145. Investorabdul says:

    Wooow excited all the comments was awesome,,I got many card at hand now but no cash at hand to purchase the activation code for the xcaret100 Boss abeg,how do I be your referral partner?

  146. Boss how can I join the referral, I don’t have money to purchase the app.

  147. Clifford Montino says:

    Please I have been trying to get the bit coin address I can pay to to get the Xcaret100 I have been writing on WhatsApp but no response.. I have been writing on WhatsApp all day.. I want to make my payment now.. I need help for this

  148. Williams precious says:

    I need only activation key how much does it cost

  149. boss I’ll need your help for the referral scheme pls,,,,,I’m having a lil problem with money now
    and I promise to pay you

  150. Hello please send me your email address and numbers. Thanks

  151. Boss I want to be your referral please tell what to do

  152. Thanks a lot boss. But I need to buy the app. How do I move forward?

  153. Anonymous says:

    Boss my best friend works as a cashier and we have a lot of cards at the moment. But i really wanna learn this job myself and i don’t know how to go about it.

  154. hello send me a email Add, number

  155. Michelle Mary says:

    Paste me ATM front and back only
    No need of pin and otp
    Make I use xacert app to bypass make we share money

  156. I have a corporative account in my hand and it’s card and details

  157. hi, does it work for any country?

  158. Xcaret100 work perfectly for Nigeria

    CardCumbo is universal

  159. I need who get the app,so I will bring business

  160. Anonymous says:

    I would like to do business with you, I have some loaded matterz I would like to extract things from

  161. Anonymous says:

    I have mailed you for more details

  162. Mark umar says:

    I need the app

  163. Boss abeg cards dey
    I don message you for WhatsApp

  164. For the online shopping, the tool have four fixed IP where you can easily turn your location.
    For bank Transfers, here’s how i go about it.

  165. please I want buy the app

  166. Anonymous says:

    i need ur whatsapp

  167. Hello o
    Mr john I have email you but no reply
    My WhatsApp number is 07059350077.
    Please email me

  168. Boss for hustlers
    Great job

  169. Thanks to this that create this app it really help my life

  170. please i need most of your tool/how do we chat

  171. I need the app asap

  172. Thanks for your service boss

  173. It’s plenty does you that created this valid app you are sighted boss😍😘

  174. sir please where can i buy it and how does it cost

  175. Message us on whatsapp or email at Xcaret100 cost 105$

    App and activation code will be forwarded to you via email or whatsapp after payment

    We accept ven, payoneer or bitcoin payments

  176. Can someone help me and cashout I have work to cash, so that I can buy the app

  177. I need both the cardro and xcaret100 ASAP…..but with bvn alone can one have access to the fund using the cardro?

  178. Whitelion says:

    Am using iPhone. Please can Xcaret100 work on iPhone? Let me know so I can quickly place order

  179. Yeah man. It can work on iPhone. But you need to contact us let’s show u how to make your Xcaret100 app work on iPhone device

  180. Anonymous says:

    I have debit card details with pin please d.m me let’s talk business

  181. Anonymous says:

    Been trying to contact you…pls check ur messages

  182. How to download Xcaret100
    Xcaret100 app
    XCARET100 software
    Download Xcaret100 for Android
    How to use XCARET100
    Xcaret100 OTP bypass wizard Apk
    Download Xcaret100 app
    Xcaret100 download link

  183. How to withdraw money from debit card without PIN
    How to transfer money with your ATM card without pin
    Online shopping without ATM pin
    How to withdraw money from ATM without PIN number
    How to transfer money from bank without pin
    How to transfer money without ATM card
    How to use ATM without PIN
    can you withdraw money from a debit card without a pin?

  184. Payment gateway without OTP in Nigeria
    How to transfer money without OTP in ICICI
    Online payment without OTP
    How to transfer money using OTP
    How to transfer money without registered mobile number
    Fund wallet without OTP
    How to bypass OTP in online payment in Nigeria
    How to transfer money without ATM pin

  185. Gift mange says:

    Is it only The card numbers and cvv you need for the software to transfer funds

  186. You need the Card number, cvv and expiry date and Cvv

  187. Gift mange says:

    Is it only The card numbers and cvv you need for the software to transfer funds

  188. For example if you are targeting 10million to transfer after transferring 3million and waiting for 48hours and before that 48hours the victim called bank to block the card

  189. Abi Andrew says:

    Please I need the app and the software please help me out

  190. Lavish213 says:

    I’m stucked. I don’t think I have enough funds to buy this app. I wish I could. Well I have few cards that are loaded with money. I need this app to bypass OTP.
    Please someone with cardro should write me let’s share funds asap.

  191. Lavish213 says:

    Please I’m stucked.. I don’t have enough money to purchase this app. I’m looking for Someone with XCARET100 to write me on
    I have few cards to bypass as well. OTP is the problem
    Let’s share funds asap

  192. I want to join the referral program

  193. Hi everyone I got a legit card with high balance, never get the app +2347081469293 contact for deal %40 goes out to you..

  194. Pls I want to purchase it

  195. The smart lazy Hustler says:

    Bro you don’t reply our messages on WhatsApp and via emails, at least let us know what’s up, besides we wanna purchase the app and also got jobs too, na international me dey run, but I still get small matters way I for like make we for run, but you don’t talk to us at all, try dey reply our mails and WhatsApp so we know how to make this payment, u self know say work dey cast, at least make we for cash out small before matter cast, we dey ur blog day to day naw, u know as e dey play

  196. lil metro says:

    It’s a legit site. Tested and trusted

  197. Ferdinarto says:

    Please how do I get the app xcart100, I am interested and I am willing to pay

  198. Pls Is there any website to buy Nigeria debit cards?

  199. It’s amazing for me to have a website, which is useful in support
    of my experience. thanks admin

  200. reallesbiantube says:

    This is very interesting, You’re a very skilled blogger. I’ve joined your rss
    feed and look forward to seeking more of your great post.
    Also, I’ve shared your site in my social networks!

  201. Awesome

  202. Anonymous says:

    John i got some issue which i need your assistance

  203. Pls I hav a card

    But I don’t have the app

    I hav been trying to reach u but u are not responding both mail and whatsapp

  204. Stephanie Saldana says:


  205. If you need any of our service dm me WhatsApp

  206. Does it work?

  207. I have a lot of AtM card , but I don’t know how to do the cashout can u help plz

  208. please I need the app

  209. Good day plzz how can I get XCARET100. I’m fucking interested

  210. John Ohadean says:

    You can download here or message us privately to purchase

  211. Salvation says:

    please how can I have ur contact I badly need the app plz 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  212. Salvation says:

    how can I have ur contact I badly need the app plz 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  213. anonymous says:

    Kindly purchase here or no other place. .beware of many scammers online

  214. Another alternative for this app is Cardcumbo

  215. John Ohadean says:

    Check on the contact page

  216. How can I download the app.

  217. Boss pls I wan to work wit u cuz I don’t have any money to buy dey sotfwear just a poor boy I don too suffer boss

  218. Boss I don too suffer for dis life pls change name story I wan to work wit u cuz I don’t have any money to buy dey soft wear

  219. Anonymous says:

    Nice update thanks bro more grace to ur elbow

  220. Bossman I no get money for the app but I get deal, I seriously need ur help oh so we talk about the share sir

  221. Clementjahro says:

    I need a loader Finland bank, I have bank logins, driving license also
    You can contact me on my WhatsApp only loader oooo

  222. Chijioke kalu says:

    I downloaded the app, activated it and it’s working fine

  223. I work with guarantee trust bank, I have some many card details wit me, DM if u have the tools

  224. John Ohadean says:

    We have already sent you DM

  225. Moses Mathew says:

    Good morning boss please i need the app how do I get it I texted on WhatsApp but no reply please get back to me as soon as possible please thank

  226. I’m so happy reading this but it’s makes me cry to have have money to purchase this app …some one should help me and I have a card with me here …
    Please help me too I wanna be financially fine ,reading this comment doesn’t enriched my pocket until you helped me and I’m also able to purchased the app fellow hustler and boss

  227. boss I beg how can I purchase ur app plz

  228. John Ohadean says:

    App will be forwarded to you here or via email after payment

  229. Onyeomere amarala says:

    i get deal any one interested Dm let’s share money so fast

  230. Onyeomere amarala says:

    i get deal but no body is relying to my comment

  231. How Will I made my payment

  232. Am hy nez says:

    Pls any one DAT is with de app should hit me on WhatsApp I have card to work out..I promise 50/50…09055068888

  233. boss ur WhatsApp number

  234. NBA money says:

    Boss I need this app I will I make payment and get it….

  235. Good app…tnx boss

  236. boiwanderz says:

    many cards available 4 bussiness

  237. Hello G. I gat phillipine credit card and info please anybody that can load into it should contact me on watsap. +17158018125

  238. Can I use this on my Android phone forma start or is it better to get a system for it..? Really wish it works on my Android phone

  239. John Ohadean says:

    Working all Android, PC it’s your choice

  240. Fast and easy to use app

  241. Pls boss I need xcerer100

  242. boss how can I get the app

  243. Pls i have messaged on whatsapp and email n still no reply. I wana join ur referrals n I’ve got jobs for pull out too.

  244. I need this app asap!

  245. If o purchase the xcaret100 software, will it direct me to all what I like to do?

  246. Pls i need you to work on a card for me. What’s your whatsapp number

  247. this app is legit

  248. I was introduced to XCARET100 just this morning and i think am developing interest in it but the issue here is the money,i don’t have enough to purchase the key.

  249. Agbo Sunday says:

    I need the app urgently

  250. Boss please create a what’s app group

  251. How do I pay for the appps

  252. pls boss i dont have money to purchase and i want to refer ppl how can i refer

  253. please how true is this cardio pro stuff just only bvn? plus the price is on the high side

  254. Anonymous says:

    how much is xcarret

  255. John Joel edaworano says:

    How do I pay for this xcaret100

  256. Boss how much is the xcaret100 In Naira
    xcaret100 Dose it use only card information like card number exp. date and the pin at the back of the card only????

  257. How can I get your WHATSPP contact. Boss
    And I have card information only the front and the back

  258. I want to learn

  259. Anonymous says:

    I have two cards at hand… Please someone that has the app should message me 09037495980

  260. Iniabasi ekpo says:

    Please boss I really need this xcaret 100 please
    How can I message you and purchase

  261. BTC $100 needed..asap
    Instant payment✅ to bought the key!

  262. Highly recommended

  263. Bro please type your number I can’t get to you

  264. I just got mine, thank you.

  265. Larry gazzy says:

    I need dis app but I don’t have money I can refer

  266. Larry gazzy says:

    I need dis app but I don’t have money

  267. Sir can I give an ATM card for the activation code….

  268. I’m really impressed with your writing abilities as well as with the structure for your weblog.

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