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How To Open Fake Bank Account In Nigeria

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How to open fake bank account in Nigeria

If You are into Street Matters, You will understand very well the importants of learning “How to Open Fake Bank Account In Nigeria”. There are many Yahoo formats as stated earlier. While some operates internationally, others operate locally.

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If you are among those who uses local Yahoo formats then having fake Bank account is relevant because it will be too dangerous using your Real Bank account details in collecting payments. You can easily be tracked, And brought down which am very sure is never in your dreams.

Before we get to the main learning how to open fake bank account in Nigeria, let’s understand very well how it goes.

What’s Fake Bank Account?

Stop wondering how Fake Bank account looks like, It’s just the same as the one you’re currently operating. The reason why it’s called fake is because “Nothing is real about it”.

To create Anonymous Bank account, You only need to do the registration with details that are not in any means related to you. No personal data such as Name, Address, ID, Finger print or signature should be included.

There Are Few Ways to open Fake bank accounts in Nigeria : But the two best methods are discussed below.

How to Open Fake Bank Account In Nigeria

To open and operate fake bank account from Nigeria, Get an insider or hire someone else.

  • Get An Insider :

    All You need is get connected to some top bank officials, pay them and get the job done. It’s non of your concern how they will do it.

    This can be very risky unless you are very close to the official. Don’t just jump in to discuss this with any bank officials that comes your way. When you get one who’s interested, they will charge you nothing less than 100K or more (it all depends).

    They will help setup the account and give you the necessary details. I don’t normally use this method because I don’t fancy it. Just sharing because you might consider this. I feel like this is not completely anonymous because the bank officials might turn an enemy tomorrow and when that happens, Let’s end it here..

  • Hire Someone Else:

    Not Just someone but someone like Aboki. This method is what i do make use of regularly because it keeps everything completely anonymous.

    All you need is Just travel some miles to areas you are not known at all, Get close to some Aboki (Housa men around). Discuss, Convince and pay them some good money, Give them directions to open the account and watch the next action.

    They will open the account with the details you provided, collect ATM CARD if you insist and activate Mobile banking which is the Most important thing.

Extra : Use Our Fake Bank Account Opening Service:

We Help our Clients Open Fake Bank Accounts. All You need is Just Give us the necessary details you wanna use like Name, Email or Phone number for internet banking then Give us Just 4 working Days and Your Account will be ready for use.

(We don’t Provide ATM cards but for sure the account will be activated for mobile banking).

Cost for Opening Fake Bank account is 52,000 Naira. You can make half payment and when done and details submitted, You pay the Rest.

Tips for Using Fake Bank Account In Nigeria

Never visit the Bank in person for any reason. If some officials helped in opening the account, Contact them when there’s need and they will help.

If Some Aboki men does, reach them with some extra fee, they will help make any move.

If we helped in opening Your account, Just contact us and let us know what’s up. We will help fix your account. It’s too dangerous going to the bank in person.

If You want to withdraw, Go to some POS far from your area . Make withdrawal and fuckoff or use the funds for online shopping.

Don’t leave too many cash in your account before withdrawing. Remember the account is used for illegal activities and might be reported. If the account get locked, there’s every possibility that money available there is gone. So always pull out your funds when you have some available.

Don’t Risk Your hustle using Your Real Bank details. Get a fake bank account today and keep rocking anonymously.

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