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How to Clone a sim card with only Phone number

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We will focus in Chipping in more updates regarding bank and Sim Hacking starting with this article “How to Clone a sim card with only Phone number using Simero clone app”.

Cardro pro

We talked more on Carding and BVN Hacking last Year and am pretty sure our followers benefited alot. It’s our Pleasure to have you here again with our amazing updates available to be dispatched.

You must be wondering How sim Cloning works and also if it’s possible to clone a sim card with just phone number.

Before now, we do sim cloning with certain softwares i won’t mention in this article for certain reasons (They are outdated), but then, we need victims sim presence to get the whole process through.

As time goes on, more and more updates has been released in regards to cloning sim card anonymously. Now you don’t even need your victims sim card to get things done. “Just little info about them is enough”.

Before we further discuss how to Clone a sim card with only Phone number using Simero_Ng, let me quickly explain the usefulness and how it works for easy understanding.

Simero 2023 – Best Sim Card Cloning App

For easy understanding we say simero_Ng helps divert SMS from one Sim card to another. This means if you have any job that’s been obstructed by otp, with simero_Ngyou can easily pass it.

Simero works for the Major networks in Nigeria “GLO, MTN, Airtel and 9Mobile. So far, I’ve made a demo video on how to use simero in cloning a sim. Here are the things you need to get the whole process through.

✅Master Sim
✅Clone Sim
✅Configuration Code

The master SIM is the victims phone number where you want to transfer SMS from. You don’t actually need the sim card. Just the phone number.

The Clone Sim is your own phone number where you want the SMS to be transferred. It should be same network with your master sim. E.g Glo to Glo

The configuration code is a constant code which you need to authorize your SMS transfer. You need it on every Clone to be successful.

Faqs about Simero_Ng

Here are certain things you should take note of when using Simero_Ng for cloning.

  • Your master and Clone Sim must be the same network.
  • You can only run 5 clones per day using simero app.
  • You can cancel Your Cloned Digits anytime you want.
  • Clone Functions 24hrs after which all clones are terminated. This simply means any Cloned number can only remain under Clone for 24hrs

    After 24hrs of the cloning you won’t be able to get their SMS again unless you add them up again to your Clone list.

    The simero App doesn’t expire. Once activated, you can use it as long as app remains on your device.

  • The simero activation code can only be given to you directly from the developer after paying your $100 Developers Fee. Don’t let anyone deceive you.

How to Clone a sim card with only Phone number

The below video show the guide to use simero in cloning a sim card with only Phone number.

The covered sections are done based on privacy. So please don’t get bored by them, sure you will understand the video as the all is very easy to use.

Here’s the Configuration Code: you can use it on every Clone you want to make.

Download Simero_Ng for Android

If you have android device, you can easily download Simero apk below. But for PC and iPhone users, you need to contact us for app.

You can’t get this versions without payment. Once you pay your Developers Fee, it will be forwarded through your email.


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