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  1. anonymous says:

    Good day to you boss.I want to know if you are talking about inserting the victims bank registered number on “CARDRO PRO V6” to get his/her bvn or must you have possession of the victims bank registered number before you can carry out the attack.

  2. I already gave your response on WhatsApp and am sure you’ve seen it

  3. anonymous says:

    OK boss,a friend of mine want to buy cardro pro v6 software,he said he get to the payment stage,and he was ask to pay through bitcoin method, and he is not conversant with how to go about that, please respond.

  4. Message me on what’sapp

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  6. Pls can you do it for me
    And we will share the gain

  7. We stopped working for percentage long ago. We have our reasons anyway

  8. can i use just card number cvc number and expiry date

  9. The best software to use with your details above is Xcaret100 Not Cardro

  10. Can I use a stolen debit card to buy things online with opt

  11. You can shop online and also transfer money anonymously without OTP using Xcaret100 the best OTP bypass software

  12. How do I use the xclaret100 without trace

  13. Don fresh says:

    Bro I have someone name and account number
    Even bvn
    How can I withdraw the money from his account

  14. I really need your help and it is big money business, please give me your WhatsApp number number sir

  15. Anonymous says:

    I need your mail or WhatsApp number so we do a deal and I also buy tools

  16. Hillary Clinton says:

    Pls we need to talk
    Gat serious business for u

  17. pls i need ur help sir,i have bvn can yu give me ur wahsttapp no pls

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hello boss, please does cardo needs debit cards digits of the victim before withdrawing?

  19. this is interesting.exactly what i wanted out of this site.thanks a lot sir and i want us to talk more on email please.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Sit pls I have master card and money inside it pls can u help me pull it out then I will buy the xcaret100 from my own cut pls

  21. Soldier boy says:

    Please can I get your whatsapp number I have alot of business

  22. Olamiplenty says:

    Send me your WhatsApp number, I want to buy some tools

  23. Good day boss,pls would like to have ur WhatsApp number plsss

  24. Please
    Sir i need a help
    I have you on my WhatsApp
    Please respond ❣️

  25. Let’s say I hack someone account with any of these your APP.
    Can I move the money straight to my own personal bank account.. Or if I do that I will be trace.. Or where can I move the money to that bank with not be able to trace it.

  26. Can I have your WhatsApp number bro

  27. I chatted on WhatsApp and send a mail but you have not responded to any of them I want to buy the software but first I have a card for you. Please do respond thank you

  28. Making payment to purchase app is the problem

  29. How can I find out what bank a person uses so I can get the bvn number I have their social name and date of birth

  30. How iget my bvn number i,stole my sim before bvn message enter now to now is2years ago,how iwill do

  31. Anonymous says:

    Hello good morning I have seeing your hand works am interested but fest you have to be my friend and we will talk about it I have many things to discuss with you? Just give me a flash I promise to call you please so that we can better okay

  32. I have some bvn but is Android phone I have can Android phone do the work by use bvn number wedraw money from the account?

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  34. Khieengzy says:

    sir please i want you help me and teach me how to hack bank account through using bvn and teach me how to empty the person’s account
    but pls bro help me with your whatssapp number pls sir

  35. I have the cardro V6 and working for me

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    How to Empty Someone's Bank Account Using BVN only – BUY HACKED LOGINS 2020

  37. How can someone withraw the it pos to your fake account

  38. Pls help me with ur contact

  39. i
    needthe app how due I get it


  41. Thanks sir. You are wonderfully made

    I got mine as promised

  42. please has any one gotten any of his tools that works,i need responds please thanks

  43. Good day to you boss.I want to know if cardro pro v5.6 It help person to get vbn though number link to vbn??

  44. Anonymous says:

    Please teach me how to hack money and empty someone’s account

    And again please teach me how to use my old diamond master card and collect money from foriegn country

  45. Obinna solomon says:

    Thank for this wonderful idea u are really brilliant enough but how can I start

  46. Can you use xcaret100 to buy things from abroad or it can only shop in naija?

  47. wow good idea please guide me

  48. Pls sir hw can I use bvn to hack someones bank account

  49. Boss using this app,
    can I put the money straight to my own account need help please

  50. Henry Rex says:

    Alright, really love this…. Keep me more updated

  51. i just purchased Xcaet100 and I’ve received my activation key. Entire site is cool

  52. Ganiyu sodiq says:

    I really love this ap

  53. Anonymous says:

    Sir i need ur assistance please

  54. I need Activation card plssss

  55. Anonymous says:

    Pls sir I need your phone number
    Very important

  56. Please sir I need your number

  57. Anonymous says:

    Send me ur WhatsApp number so we chat

  58. Pls I want activate my card to app

  59. How true is all this

  60. John Ohadean says:

    Exactly as explained brother. We do business here and not shits

  61. Anonymous says:

    I need the app sir

  62. Hello boss I have someone phone number , account number and his b. V. N can I transfer the money from fcmb bank to another banks

  63. cash money says:

    plz sir let me have ir whatsApp number

  64. Please I need activation code sir

  65. if i have bank account but not BVN CAN I WITHDRAL THIS MONEY

  66. I’m still a small boy like 18 but I wish to know all this smart work I have your contact on my WhatsApp please reason with me

  67. Please sir
    i need your help plese how can i message you on watsaap i need
    some software and am paying plese how can i message you on watsap

  68. John Ohadean says:

    You can message us on whatsapp using the contact page

  69. John Ohadean says:

    No. You can’t

  70. John Ohadean says:

    Yeah. With cardro pro or other BVN hacking tools, u can

  71. Pls sir add me up on WhatsApp

  72. What if u are using pin phone hw can i do

  73. I’ve really learn alot from you, JOHN OHADEAN, Pls your contact need, via WhatsApp.

  74. Sir please how much is card to pro v6

  75. I hv some1s bvn how do i withdraw money from his account cod he is owing me.

  76. Boss how can i withrow the money put into my account

  77. Bro i have frist bank verve debit card and the pin and date and there is a lots of money inside, how can i pull it out bro.

  78. Am intested sir how can i get it sir

  79. Modesty85 says:

    Time always boom

  80. Am interested sir how can I download

  81. Anonymous says:

    Pls hw do I cash out I have someone bank information complete and still accurate, pls I need ur help

  82. Yes I want to learn no to use bvn to withdraw money from account

  83. John Ohadean says:

    You can do that using cardro software as explained in the article above. Another awesome software you can use for BVN hacking job is “BVN hcx”

  84. please I need to tell you something says:

    Please I need to talk to you

  85. Anonymous says:

    How can I get the App

  86. How can I get the app

  87. John Ohadean says:

    App will be forwarded to you here or via email after payment

  88. Felling gold says:

    How much is the cardro app

  89. How can I get the app

  90. I need help i have card and bvn how do i move the money

  91. John Ohadean says:

    Read about bvn hcx

  92. John Ohadean says:

    App will be forwarded to you here or via email after payment

  93. How can I get this software?

  94. Where can I make the payment?

  95. John Ohadean says:

    We accept bitcoin or payoneer payments

  96. John Ohadean says:

    App will be forwarded to you via what’sapp or via email after payment

  97. Please I have the alert sim card and the bvn number. How can I get the cardro pro to make the withdrawal

  98. Pls i need to pushase the app nw and i dnt knw how to go about it Can i get ur whatsapp number here is my 08131593461

  99. Bro I want to hack my own old account .can I use cardio pro ?

  100. Pls I need your help sir I need the activation code please sir it something big I will pay you

  101. i have the bvn and the account number

  102. Anonymous says:

    Boss please how can I get the cardro app in my smart phone,

  103. Anonymous says:

    Pls sir I sent you message on WhatsApp but no response yet,l have someone verve card how can I collect money from it without being Trace I

  104. Please I have a deal. 300 millions is involved. Anyone interested should contact me. Note you most be very honest with me. As I am ready to give you my trust. Smart one

  105. akpan favour says:

    Pls how can I get d app

  106. akpan favour says:

    Am interested yo young

  107. ElastiQman says:

    Boss please I need military format😭😭😭

  108. Jesse John says:

    Hello how do I get the app, I hope it’s works as many people are saying negative things. And we ought to be more transparent in the deal because I’m really interested in doing deal

  109. please I need your whatsapp number

  110. Anonymous says:

    can i add you on Whatsapp for better communication ?

  111. i need a direction how to hack account number with bvn

  112. bassey junior says:

    Thanks for enlightening me

  113. Anonymous if i ever have the opportunity to meet you i will be very greatefull,and i will thank jesus he’ve made my dream comes true..please i need your help,i want to be a hacker..

  114. Please how can I refund the money that I send to wrong account bank please I need your help now

  115. John Ohadean says:

    It’s almost impossible. Unless you paid through bank transfer then your bank can help

  116. I purchased cardro via whatsapp and it was successful. I appreciate

  117. Balogun Rotimi Tosin says:


  118. Brother. Please confirm the payment slip on what’saap. The payment has been processed

    Thanks 🙏

  119. Silver charity says:

    Bro, I have someone’s Account Number & BVN, which of the software would be better for such a deal?

  120. John Ohadean says:

    You can use BVN hcx of Cardro pro software

  121. *565*0# doesn’t work out in Airtel & MTN lines, why?

  122. Boss I have atm cards but I don’t have funds right now I don’t know if we could exchange with atms

  123. Emmanuel calistus says:

    I sent a message to you on WhatsApp sir
    But I haven’t received any response. I just need the cardro pro app

  124. I love it

  125. i need the app ulgently so please respond to me, how much is the price, i sent you massage on WhatsApp but no reply, i am broke, i need the app to make rich.thank you

  126. Pls I want to buy the Link, give me your WhatsApp number Sir

  127. John Ohadean says:

    Check on contact page

  128. Dorsh man says:

    what and what can I get from the same apk

  129. please guyz i need litcoin farmat .08127079419

  130. Anonymous says:

    How can i message you

  131. Anonymous says:

    Please how can i get the BVN hcx of Cardro pro software

  132. Anonymous says:

    that my Whatsapp number I have bvn let talk on how to withdrawa money sir pls

  133. Boss I have someone bvn and I need to cash out I have suffered a lot please help me

  134. I have people bvn how can I withdraw their money i need help please sir

  135. Don Feriq says:

    Thanks for ur information I rely appreciate ur information

  136. Good day…I msg u on whatsapp to know more about this ,and i even mail u but no response ?

  137. Don Humble says:

    Hello boss, I have a bvn , please let’s cash it out

  138. Don Humble says:

    Hello sir, please I have a bvn number, please help me so we can cash it out

  139. Don Humble says:

    Hello sir, please I have a bvn number, please help me so we can cash it out! Send me your WhatsApp number

  140. Sir
    i need ur whatssap number

  141. Please I need your contact on watssap

  142. King Perry James says:

    Boss I want to understand more please reply me on WhatsApp

  143. Anonymous says:

    I hv cardro pro my problem is hw to get de password

  144. I need your WhatsApp number

  145. Boss how can I get it… I need this app. Cardro pro v6 . How can I message you

  146. Boss please how can I get it.. to get the app cardro pro v6 …

  147. Anonymous says:

    Please sir how can i get my activation code they are telling me to pay through coinbase which i don’t even have

  148. Christopher Sandra oke says:

    Please send my you WhatsApp number for Avery big business

  149. bro i have bvn but someone told me that i need to provide the person card or phone number which i dobro i have bvn but someone told me that i need to provide the person card or phone number which i dont

  150. I’m waiting for the code please

  151. James Scott says:

    I love this
    Am new here please carry me along

  152. Gentle smart says:

    Wow all this Sounds interesting but i just hope we are on a right business and not shit.

  153. Gentle smart says:

    Hello boss, please drop me your whatsapp number lets get to work i got no time to waste again, i have wasted alot searching for this guidline. Thankz

  154. Kingofgodz says:

    Please who has the cardo pro app… I have a huge deal, let’s cash out and share funds 🙏🙏

  155. Kingofgodz says:

    Please sir is the cardo app still working now in 2021… Can you also you the cardo app to buy Bitcoin?

  156. sir, can i get to like up using email rather? whatsapp is actually not working for me. i need to learn how to do all this.

  157. Boss..iam in need of some apps right here with u..but more to that now I need to run a 50/50 business share with you using debit card..I wanna hit u up soas we can start rightaway..what’s your response on this..??

  158. NASA dollars says:

    Boss can I also use card details the card number cvv and the expr date on this cardro pro

  159. Prince Mmg says:

    Please send me the email to purchase cardro pro activation key

  160. Who have the cadro pro let work

  161. NASA dollars says:

    Boss can I use cards from other countries on this app to

  162. Ekade Feateide says:

    I love it sir,I need it to

  163. Oyindamola says:

    pls sir am nt on watsapp how can i withdraw money from someones accout with bvn

  164. Anonymous says:


  165. James John says:


  166. Always good and perfect boss

  167. I love it

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