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Legit Websites To Shop Online At Affordable Rate

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We have earlier discussed about top freelancing websites to make money in Nigeria, although we have urge everyone to learn a digital skill, not everyone actually have that opportunity to learn or possess a digital skill.

Cardro pro

As some persons are so talented in using their hands to make the products they sell or even wholesale or retail other people products. These set of persons may still want to sell these products online.

These products anything; from wigs, to clothes, to wigs, to doormats, to shoes, to lip balm, to chin chin, to peanut burger, like I said earlier it could be just anything. Whatever you make can be sold online. I will give you few sites where you can sell your products, and get your money instantly.

Best Online Shops to Buy and Sell Online

Amazon Online Shop

Amazon is an online marketplace where buyers and sellers are given the platform to buy and sell their goods from all over the world and they make sure products are delivered to the doorsteps of buyers. Before deciding to trade on Amazon there are so many things to take into consideration;

  • Amazon will take a percentage of the amount.
  • You have to put into consideration, the distribution of your goods thus having more than hundreds of distributors world wide to ensure you product gets to the final consumer. This also beats the issue of unnecessary competition with people selling almost the same product with you because the sign up process in Amazon is very simple and it easily admits just any seller.
  • You should also be mindful of the products you want to sell as Amazon has their own retailer. These retailers tend to rank on the search for a product you both have.
  • While selling your product on Amazon, you must play by their rules, one of which is not building any customers relationship.
  • Every transaction on amazon is a one time thing thus if the same customer comes to order for the same product they will be referred to another seller’s product as there are thousands of seller’s product on the site waiting for their product to be sold.
  • Unless you have a registered trademark, good content and branding already, Amazon brand will over power your brand.

EBay Online Store

Ebay is another e-commerce website like amazon but there’s a slight difference between them;

– eBay permits the sale of used items, unlike Amazon.
– eBay gives the chance for other brands to grow and be known.

ALIBABA Online Store

Alibaba is another e-commerce website that has gone a long way in bring sellers and buyers together to interact and engage.

The platform is very good but you have to be very smart and careful to avoid being scammed. Not like you can not be scammed on other websites bit using Alibaba one is advised to be extra care.

This is because the number of complains about people being scammed on the website are outrageous. Mind you, the scam is not perpetrated by the website but by the users of the website.

Jumia Online Store

If you want to sell your products comfortably within Nigeria, the popular known Junia is a good idea.

You can list your product on Jumia by just registering, going through their online and offline vendors trainning, list your product, manage your online shop and start selling. You get to enjoy major benefits as your product gets to be advertised to millions of persons.

JIJI Online Store

Jiji also allows you to sell comfortably within Nigeria. But unlike Jumia where only new products are sold, you can sell used both new and used product. With few easy steps of registration and uploading your items on the website, you are ready to go.

AJEBOMARKET Online store

Ajebomarket is a male product niches e-commerce website in Nigeria. By this I mean they are based in selling things for men, whether a teenager or and old man. And it ranges from shirt, to trouser, to short, to T-shirt, to wristwatch,to shoes, to caps, to bangles, to belt to whatever thing a man wear as long as its for a man. So as a vendor, if you sell anything a man wears or uses in his day to day life you can try being a vendor on this site.

Social Media Apps

Social media can be used to sell your products. It is simply known as social media marketing. There is; Facebook, WhatsApp, Snap chat, Twitter, Instagram and many more.

For Facebook, are you surprised? Yes, facebook. We all know facebook as social media application used to interact with family and friends. Let me also intimate you that facebook can be used to sell you products.

You can either use your profile and post a brief written content about your product on your wall with a few pictorial diagram of same product or you open a facebook page. Using a facebook page can help you do a paid advertisement for your product and channel it to meet your target market. Just like facebook you can also sell your product on Instagram, Twitter, and even WhatsApp.

For Instagram, it works exactly how I explained using facebook to sell you product work but the use of a right hastag can also help your target audience find your products.

You can either use your profile or open a page. There also paid advert option here.
For Twitter, you’ll make use of hash tags, and friends can help you retweet till it gets to your customer.

For WhatsApp, there’s what is called WhatsApp business account, it has features to enable you use your WhatsApp to market your products well. From the Status, the the catelog and many more.

Owning A Website

Yes dear, you can decide to own your own e-commerce website and sell your products comfortably on your website.

Although, to do this you have to have a brand (logo), your business has to be registered, find the right vendors and be very conversant with digital marketing skills like Search Engine Optimization, Content writing, Copy Writing, data analysis etc or you pay people to attend to those needs for you.

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