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ELON MUSK yahoo format – Download

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It’s sad to see how many hustlers has neglected the Elon musk yahoo format but trust me it’s paying more than any format you can ever imagine.

Cardro pro

At first i wasn’t convinced about this update because the man in question “Elon musk” is an open book but i never knew it was that open to all. In most cases those formats you neglected might be the paying ones so let’s see to this.

In my previous article, i wrote about fake transfer ussd code where we discussed in details everything you need to know about transferring fake funds through ussd code in Nigeria. But that’s not the topic for today.

Elon must in his world is a celebrity so there’s no way you will talk about celebrity format for Yahoo without a reference to one of the biggest entrepreneur of our time “Elon”. You can read more about him on Wikipedia.

Celebrity format for Yahoo

Let me show you some other things you need to know. Elon musk is not the only celebrity you can use in this hustle. There are different types of celebrity formats as stated below.

  • Musicians
  • Politicians
  • Entrepreneurs

Musician celebrity format: musicians are widely known either in their country or globally. They are the public figures that can be your target in this hustle.

There are many musicians who are globally known. You can get the list of top America musicians . After choosing the one you would love to work with, you will have to browse their profile across all social platforms like Twitter, Instagram ,Facebook ,LinkedIn etc.

You can then clone their profile “Create a fake profile with their identity” Copy and repost everything they have added on their timeline. This can take you days but you just have to because many of your clients are likely to scroll down your timeline for verification.

Instead of creating a fresh social media account, you can hack or buy already existing one with many followers and interaction for more conviction.

The next thing is to find clients: You will have to start bombing but not the regular way. Your bombing should be regulated otherwise you might get your account banned or suspended for invalid activities.

In this format, you don’t need any long interaction with your clients before billing. It’s almost like going straight to billing.

The money is not coming from one person. It might come little by little since it’s based on selling of show tickets but at the end of the day, you must have accumulated thousands of dollars.

You will have to create a fake website using the name of the person you’re impersonating. There you will post days of shows in different locations based on what the original person has got.

Redirect your clients from social medias to this page where they can pay for your show tickets. They will pay of you’ve been their favorite artist.

This means you will have to follow the original musician to know when they have shows and every details so you can repost.

Entrepreneurs format:There are so many successful entrepreneurs and their identity is widely known and approve at all points because of the impacts they’ve created through their entrepreneurship measures.

This is where we selected Elon musk in particular as one of the greatest among all. There’s no country of the world where his name is not mentioned especially now that he acquired Twitter platform

It’s all about creating a fake profile impersonating musk. You will have to create a professional or premium email address which will include the name in question.

Your bombing message should be like this.

Hello Dear Friend My name is Elon Musk

It has been exactly a year since i organized mutual Assistance Fund In cryptocurrency.

Each member each member of the fund can receive instant help in Bitcoins. 0.001 to 0.055 Bitcoin

To participate Kindly Email [email protected].

The main deal here is that as an entrepreneur loved by the whole world ,you are doing giveaway to many of your followers who will follow the steps as stated on your profile. Then you will have to write out the rules for the contest or giveaway.

Politician format for celebrity: They are public figures so they have all the attention needed from the general public. you can take advantage by choosing one of the politicians you know in your locale for impersonation.

It’s all about giving promises and luring your victims to fill forms based on ongoing empowerment programs. After that, you can then communicate with them but this times as a manager who’s in charge of the empowerment in the whole state.

Tell them they will have to pay access fee or anything you can even think of. You can fudge something even better. The pay might be little but if you have large audience ,you will make big money in no time.

Conclusion:Elon musk yahoo format pdf

There are many other celebrities such as the wrestlers, footballers ,Dancers, influencers of all kinds and many others. It all depends on who you want to impersonate and your ideas to extort money by impersonating them.

The Elon musk celebrity format for Yahoo pdf is very detailed. You can get the complete scam format from us at affordable rate. This will include steps to make a website and also create a private or premium email address.

You will learn how to Bomb and where to get the right clients when bombing as a celebrity. Let me quickly give you some tips.

You cannot be using circular musician profile and be bombing a church or gospel platform. There’s more to tell you about getting the right clients.

In addition, you will be coached on how to retain your social media accounts from getting suspended. Because that’s one of the challenges you’re likely to face as a newbie but congratulations there are ways to go about it

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