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Online banking billing format for client

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If eventually you’ve heard about the online banking update, do you know any online banking billing format for client to back your update? What makes it a complete format is knowing how to bill your clients through it.

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Before i continue with this article let me brief you more on online banking yahoo format so you won’t end up thinking you are becoming a banker online by exploring it.

Understanding online banking yahoo format

This format simply means creating a fake bank account online and funding it with huge amounts of money to make your clients believe it’s real.

They may end up paying even more than what they see in your balance deposit. It’s just a matter time and using the right formula.

While you continue reading this post, always remember that we will not be responsible for whatever nemesis incurred upon yourself using our hacks and tricks.

Using online banking billing format for client, you will need to create a fix deposit account because this time around you’re investing your wealth/money in a bank so making it fixed deposit automatically implies you can’t withdraw the funds in the account.

You can topup your online banking fixed deposit account with any amount even upto one million dollars or more. So when clients sees the balance they will out of greed want to be part of the share thereby submitting fully to your scam.

Even after this whole attitude, one thing you should pay more attention to is the billing aspect. Read further…

Online banking billing format for client

Now that your client already trusts you so much, and they have the logins to your online banking website of which they are seeing your huge balance on every of their login, they are prone to be victimized.
So what you do as a street guy is tell them you want to borrow a huge sum of money from the bank usually the amount bigger than what you’ve got in your fixed deposit account.

Create a spending plan for this money including your partner “Client”. Convince them you want to buy a house for you both, invest in some big businesses and also get some expensive cars for her.

Convince her you are both going to live together in all of these plans.

Now you will have to tell your clients that before the bank gives you a loan, you need to meet a certain standards or amount of money in your account perhaps $10K from what you already have in your available balance.

Depending on how much billing you want to place her, you will ask your client to deposit the agreed amount in an account which you will give to them so you can make up the money as fast as possible and apply for the loan. That’s in a case where there’s no automatic funding method on your online banking website.

The online banking account can be login from any country and users can even deposit using their credit cards.

So when they make deposits using their cards, the money becomes yours as that’s what you will convert to real funds while the fake balance remains.

Most of the fake online banking websites don’t have this automated feature. Others uses bank transfer.

If your online banking account is based on transfer and not automatic payment, before getting started with all of these formats, you should already know the pickers account details and name. It’s advisable you use same name in creating your online banking account.

The pickers account name is what you’re going to use as your own name unless you have your ways to convince them paying to an account different from your name since they believe they are topping your account directly, they expect the names to be same as yours.

How to Create online banking Account.

Having gone through the above format, the most difficult thing which am sure you are also pondering on is “How to create a fake online banking account”.

The truth of the matter here is “You can’t create online banking account anywhere unless through self made platforms.” this means you need to own or have access to online banking website.

Since you are the admin of the website where your online banking account will be created, you can easily manipulate the balance and account history to match your clients need or want.

Using other peoples online banking accounts means it will be done on commissions and you will give them details and how much to be added in your wallet. Not usually safe unlike having your own online banking website.

Unfortunately, creating online banking websites is quite expensive unlike create a fake bitcoin investment website.
The good news is “We can help you create an online banking website at affordable rate. Something like this Demo Website.

With that, you can tweak your clients bank balance to any amount all by yourself and make them pay without stress.

What about catching Clients for this update ?

There are many ways to catch your clients using this update. Let’s talk about the below platforms. Social media and dating apps/websites.

  • Online dating platforms: There are many dating apps and websites where you can get clients for your hustle since the main aim is getting them into relationships and love.

    You can follow any of the previous relationships update we have shared earlier. The method doesn’t change.

  • Social media platforms: There are many social media networks online where you can get your clients such as the Instagram ,Facebook ,Twitter etc.

    Before now, there was an article on how to bomb clients on Instagram

Is relationship involved in this update?

Yes. You need to apply relationship or dating format for Yahoo before using this method.

Am sure you won’t start making plans of staying together with a stranger. That’s why your first approach should be for dating or relationship.

When they are down for you, then you can explore the online banking billing format.

Like we always say, yahoo format is not something that can be shared in full online.

But if you’re interested in getting any of our formats in full pdf, you can contact us privately. Cost is just $50 and you will be well enlightened.

Have you been using this update even before now? What can you say in regards to how effective it’s. Our audience will be happy to hear from you.

Please don’t leave without sharing this article, someone might need it.

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