1. Boss. This 2021 go hot o. Am still flexing with many things i learned from you last year. This is a new year update – Let’s rock it mehn

  2. This app is working like mad. Tbe best of it is that. It’s fast unlike bitcoinPro and others which takes time to process. Thanks brother am making real money from the software

  3. I’ve download the app since yesterday and after getting th activation code today, i must confess it’s awesome.

    A very great bitcoin mining app indeed.

  4. I have the app already. I downloaded it here
    Please reply my DM on whatsapp i wanna make payment for the activation code. 🙏

  5. It’s cool but took hours before the activation code was sent to me after ordering through the app. I don’t know if same happened to anyone else here or just mine

  6. That should be your network error man. U are supposed get the code immediately your payment is successful.

  7. I just made payment for the activation, how long does it take to get the activation code.

  8. Bro after the fake coins confirmation and transferred to another wallet, will the coins also reflect in $$$ equivalent inside the wallet like real Bitcoins do?

  9. Bro is this software truly real…and many people don’t know about it to make money.Boss i need to purchase this cos i need money…

  10. Hello sir please reply mymessage I have messaged you on WhatsApp about 2days ago no reply

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