1. I’ve tested with Just $100 and it went well. Am trying to top more funds but with care because most of these schemes only last for a while after which they go off.

  2. From What my friends told me even with proof, it’s paying but am just still scared to invest the little I got now till I have more to risk because everything online is becoming risky

  3. Coina Has never been Fake. Just that it’s not popular and that’s what has been keeping it live till date.

    As soon as more Nigerians learn about it, the more that will be the end. I just hope it last for more years

  4. Until I got my wallet reflected coina payment before I believed it’s a legitimate, now I can start putting higher amount, and moreover I’m really sorry I won’t tell people about this site, yeah because…. They would say it a scam😁,

  5. I have lost alot of money investing in different platform, when I saw (COINA) I was like “fu***ng a**holes you want to come and collect the rest I have. But I decided to test with $50, I got credited to my wallet, tried $150, got credited again. Now I put in $800, I have been credited. I never thought (COINA) is real. My friends are in and earning 💯. Coina all the way.

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