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Zoalert – Fake Alert App Better than Flash Funds

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In all the Fake Alert apps on online such as Flash funds, Cardro and the likes, Zoalert still remains the best for many reasons we can’t even tell all. However, am going to brief you on how the Zoalert app works in this article.

Cardro pro

Before now am sure you’ve had rumors of people who gets caught trying to fake bank alerts even if you haven’t been in any scene directly.

Let me show you very little of what this Fake alert offense can lead you before you make up your mind using any fake alert app with no guaranteed security system.

Like i always advice, the most important thing when choosing any hack app online is security because if you get caught the story will become a changed one entirely. If you must steal, then you must learn to cover your tracks.

We don’t need to make intro. as we are popularly know online for sharing updates with both paid and and free tools to breach bank securities.

To cut the story short, In this post am going to share with you how to use Zoalert the best fake alert app online. If you are looking forward to sending fake alert to top countries such as US, UK, China etc.

Zoalert App And How does it work?

Zoalert is another Fake alert app just like Flash Funds But comes with some spicy features which makes it entirely different.

  • With Zoalert App, You can send Fake Bank Alerts to over 40 countries worldwide.
  • The recipient’s get credited in less than 10 minutes for Africa countries and less than one hour for European countries.
  • Alert duration is 14days which means money stays in recipient accounts for 14 working days before it’s cleared.

Zoalert Token – Transfer Token

Without the zoalert Token, Your Transfer cannot be successful. The Zoalert token works with your Phone IP to generate Automatic $10M which is the funds needed for sending your alerts.

This funds remains untill exhausted through spending. Each token is topped automatically with $10M “ten million dollars” as stated earlier. That’s enough funds to use as long as you can.

Once exhausted you might need to refresh the app, buy new token and start using app again.

You Cannot share your token because each token represents each Zoalert user and it’s auto generated from zoalert token server.

The zoalert Token cost $ 100

This $100 will get you one token topped with $10M for sending fake alerts.

Check the video below for how to send fake alert using this fake alert app.

Here’s the alert proof using the Fake alert app

Is the Funds Transferable?

Funds sent through zoalert cannot be transferred or spent and that’s what differentiate them from real money.

The funds only increase balance but attempting to send out will always fail. This money will only stay in the recipient balance for 14days duration after which it will be cleared.

There’s no two ways about it. The funds cannot be transferred.

Download Zoalert App

The zoalert app is available for Android, pc and iPhone “IOS”

You can download the zoalert app using below button.


Why do people go for fake alert?

There are many reasons why people go for fake alerts but will fall in these two categories. Either to pay bills or for fun

If you are using it for fun then you’ve got nothing to worry about. If you are using it in paying bills then you should be careful in doing the necessary procedures to avoid trace.

This is the major reason we settle down in making video for the app so you can understand how it works and how to use.

Like I’ve said before, there are many fake alert apps but this Zoalert is easy to use, affordable and reliable. You will definitely like it.

Great App UI

I know UI/UX on most of this essential software doesn’t matter as long as the app delivers and does the work smoothly.

However, it wouldn’t hurt if an app has a good UI/UX and works perfectly well; it’s an added advantage. Most developers don’t care about UI/UX.

The case is different with Zoalert. The developers of this app gave it one of the best UI/UX I have ever seen.

When I first saw and opened the app, with the kind of UI/UX I have witnessed with apps of this nature, I thought Zoalert would be an app with just a good UI that did not work until I used it.

Zoalert has an excellent UI/UX that complements its practical working ability; When it comes to this UI/UX, I give it to Zoalert. They delivered a good one.

Zoalert Support

I discovered about Zoalert that they are no support whatsoever, and it’s stated on the app notification bar.

Still, you will keep seeing a significant update on the feels and looks of the app, which is to show you that the developer of the app is always working on making the app run smoothly as they want to remain anonymous, so far I have used the app without any issues.

The support is always available to take care of issues encountered by users. They have whatsapp button boldly displayed on the app for easy communication.

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