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Buy Verified Payoneer Account – Unlimited Transactions

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Before Now, I have been using PayPal, Skrill and perfect Money but sincerely speaking, Payoneer has been by best means of collecting international payments simply because it gives me ease when it comes to withdrawing to any local bank account irrespective of your country. Only that feature makes it outstanding.

Cardro pro

Just like every other international payment methods, With the help Of Payoneer, You can get paid from anywhere in the world and also withdraw the money directly to your bank account without issues.

You can send payment request to clients who want to Make payments, they will get the request in their email and make payments using even their credit or debit cards 💳. The good news is “Anyone can make payment via your email request even if they don’t have Payoneer account at the moment.

No doubt There’s No Payment method more popular than PayPal but these days, PayPal has worsen issues in the sense that banning accounts is becoming rampant.

Many funds has been locked out from different PayPal users. That was even what multivated me to start using Payoneer as an alternative to PayPal.

Anyway we are not here to discuss all that. I assume you already know all that but you only need to Buy Verified Payoneer Account so you can get started transacting with ease. But before then, why do you need to buy payoneer account?.

Buy Verified Payoneer Account

Maybe You just stumbled on this website so you clicked on this post perhaps you don’t even have any intention to take action on what’s written here.

You might be wondering! Why on earth would someone be selling Payoneer Account while anyone can just go ahead to signup directly from Payoneer website.

Anyone Can Create Payoneer Account but not every Can Verify their accounts. That’s not because the verification process is difficult but because most payoneer registrants used fake details, others don’t even have ID so when payoneer ask for ID as a means of verification there will be no means of presentation.

You will find it easy verifying Your payoneer account if you didn’t Hide under fake details. Your name must match with the one you have in the ID you are going to submit. Same as your address before it can be verified.

  • What if You used Fake Registration details?
  • What if You don’t Have ID?
  • What If You Only want to stay anonymous?

These are few reasons why people buy verified Payoneer Accounts not because they don’t understand or know how to verify the accounts by themselves.

Beside that, Payoneer Fee is Cheap and reliable unlike PayPal and others with high transaction fees.

Let Me Give You some Hints About Payoneer Verification

Payoneer Don’t Have means of Real identity verification. That means they can take any document you submit provided it looks real with the details corresponding with what you have in your payoneer account.

When i mean real – am sure you understand what am saying. They will thoroughly review the documents to be sure it’s they aren’t fudged. So when you are making fake documents for payoneer verification be sure to meet the standard. Make it look like scanned ID clean without blemish and it will be approve without queries and your payoneer account will remain verified for life. Hope you understand that?.


Let assume someone successfully paid you through payoneer! Below are the main ways through which you can spend or use the money in your payoneer available balance.

You ca use the money to Buy online, withdraw to local bank, send to other payoneer users.

Note: Payoneer name must not match with any of your linked local bank accounts before you can withdraw

Buy Fully Verified Payoneer Account

Unverified Payoneer account can also send and receive payments but it’s absolutely not advisable using unverified payoneer account because they can lock your money out anytime asking for verification. And beside that, the limit for unverified account is too low for internet marketers to explore.

Are You a freelancer, internet marketer, online entrepreneur looking for reliable means to get paid, You can Buy Verified Payoneer Account from us today and start trading peacefully.

Cost for Fully Verified Payoneer is 45$

  • You will Get the Email Login Details
  • Payoneer login access
  • ID used for verification – for future reference

After that, You can Link Your Bank account with it and start rocking…. Contact Us now let’s get it done while you sleep.

You might want to Get it done By yourself. Kindly follow below guide to open Verified Payoneer Account for free.

How to Open Payoneer Account in Nigeria Free

Registering a payoneer account is as easy as signing up on every other website. What you need is just:

  • 🔥An Active Email address

  • 🔥Your Phone Number

  • 🔥Your ID card – Any Gov. Issued ID is acceptable

  • 🔥Your Name and other details as stated in your ID

If You can get all of the above details based on the country payoneer account you want to create, then you are good to go. Follow below guide to get started.

To get started opening your verified Payoneer Account, visit the payoneer registration link click the sign up button.

Enter Your First and Last name, Your Email, Confirm your Email Address, enter Your Date of birth and click on the Continue button! .

Select Your Country, Your Address, City, Postal Code and Mobile Number : Your Post Code can be any six Digits depending on your country. If your country have working post code, you can use it in the field.

Enter the Necessary details. Your Username, Your password, Security question, Your ID type.

Enter Your Bank details. Your bank name, Account number, account name and currency type. If your Currency isn’t found, you can just select $ (Dollar currency). It’s the default currency. But the NGN is already there so you just have to select the Naira and continue.

Now you are done Creating your payoneer account. The account will be reviewed and approved within few hrs. In some cases it don’t take more than 30 minutes while it might also take longer. However be rest and sure that payoneer will always get back to you on your account status through email message.

As soon as your Payoneer registration is approved You will get an email message as shown below. Also Note that Payoneer can Reject and your application and disapprove your account. When that happens, you may need to signup again but be sure to know why the account was disapproved before applying again.

Now Your Payoneer is active and available and the only thing left is Verification. Let’s look into that.

How to Verify Payoneer Account

Login Your Payoneer account after approval, Click on Settings and select Verification center.

SELECT your ID type and a new page will open where you will be prompted to upload your ID for review. the review process might take 24 to 48 hrs but they will surely get back to you about your payoneer verification status through email message. So always check on your email having submitted your documents to know what’s up.

Upload A scanned Copy of Your ID, You can just snap it and send too but make sure your shot is clean and Very Clear.

Once your Documents are reviewed and approved, You can now start using payoneer account unlimitedly.

Payoneer Identity verification tips

  • 🔥Upload a copy of a valid government-issued photo ID. A national ID card, passport, or driver’s license are all valid.

  • 🔥Make sure your ID hasn’t expired.

  • 🔥Make sure you upload copies of both sides of your ID.

  • 🔥The image of your ID must be clear, with no obstructions (such as your fingers).

  • 🔥A color copy is preferable to black and white.

  • 🔥Scanned images of your ID are preferable to pictures. If you take a picture with a camera or phone, make sure that the picture is straight and do not use flash.

If you find the above Guide helpful on how to open Verified Payoneer Account, kindly tweet and share using below links. Remember to tell the good news about us.

Note: USA verified Payoneer Account is not the same amount as the above because of SSN Verification

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