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Apartment format for Yahoo – RENTALS

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The real estate yahoo format has been in existence for ages. Majority call it apartment format for client so don’t get confused when inter-using these terms on this article.

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Unlike in your country where getting a house for rent might be easy. In some other countries like the United States people search every day for rentals online, offline, on Billboards etc just to get sure contact in getting a better house for rent or purchase.

Am going to use housing particularly and that’s why we say it’s yahoo apartment format. Am differentiating this because real estate is large and deals with so many other areas aside housing so don’t get lost.

This guide will not only help people who are looking forward to scamming others. (Hustlers) It’s also to create awareness so you can know whenever you’re about to get into wrong hands. “rentals”.

Tools needed for apartment format for client

Most of the clients has gone so wise to the extent they can easily detect scam even on your first attempt. So as a hustler, your top priority is convincing your clients about your legitimacy. In doing this, there are certain tools needed to facilitate your work and these tools varies based on different formats for Yahoo.

Below are some of the necessary materials needed to get started with the rental format for client.

  • Get a USA phone number:

    Just incase you don’t have a US ancent you can text your clients on whatsapp or other medias using your USA phone number.

    When your clients being from the United States sees your contact they will get convinced even more.

    There are many online platforms through which you can get international phone numbers as discussed earlier. You can get one and make your job a success.

  • A company website:

    You also need a company website to make things even easier. right on your website, you can state your terms and conditions such as informing your clients you don’t make calls and that customers need to pay 14% upfront fees.

    When you have your website, you can add your contact “professional email” your email should look like [email protected] etc. Emails like this tends to gain more trust than ordinary Gmail.

  • Photos are needed:

    You need photos of the houses available for sale or rent. You can visit real estate websites and copy pictures of beautiful houses edit them and post on your social platform or company website.

    Clients can easily view pictures and make their choices without asking too many questions on how beautiful the houses looks.

  • House documents:

    You need to proof the house ownership to your clients if they must pay you any money because they will definitely ask for them.

    You can get housing documents ready while you Hustle your clients online just incase they’re being requested. We can help you create documents of any type at affordable rates. Contact us for more.

Now that you already know everything needed to get started, follow the next step below to Kickstart.

How to use Apartment format for Yahoo

Here are the necessary things you need to do as a beginner in this game.

Figure Websites for Listing:

There are many websites online where you can list your houses for rent or sale and a good example is You can search for more and post as many as you can to get more attention.

When listening your house for rent or sale, be sure to compare what others are doing in terms of cost so as to make sure you have the most affordable among others. This will draw customers attention even more.

Then your description should be well written and convincing. Since your listing will be cheaper than others, you need a convincing description giving them good reason why the house is placed on rent or sale at such affordable rate.

E.G you relocate so you need some money for other things and instead of leaving the house dormant you gat to place it on rent at your cost so as to get the money needed urgently.

You can as well write detailed description of the things included in the apartment and the necessary fees to be paid just like stated below.

Respond to messages:

The moment you are done posting on websites or any platform, you should be expecting messages and emails from clients who are interested.

While some will go ahead to succumb to whatever format you use, others might press very hard for face to face deals and inspections. In a case where you meet such clients, you should bill them in other ways rather than waiting for the big deal because that might not work for them.

Your billing should be based on logistics/transportation which should usually be around $200 – $500 depending on the location or distance.

Questionnaires for your Clients:

whenever you get clients who are interested from the united states, you will have them send them questionnaires. That’s what landlords usually do in the US to know if the tenants are fit to stay in their house or not. Ask them to send it back when they are done filling the questionnaire.

Apartment Billing format:

Tell your clients there are many people who are interested in your apartment and as such you will only give it out to whoever paid first.

Convince them to pay security fees so as to secure the apartment from being given out to others. You can collect payments through MoneyGram, Walmart or even bank transfer if you have a picker.

Your rental form should be like this:

After filling the form you can then proceed with the apartment billing by approving their application.

This apartment format for client is still paying and will continue as long as people keep looking forward to rentals online. Am sure this has also opened your eyes to know whenever someone is trying to scam you. Please share this update.

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