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How To Do Yahoo On Facebook

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While Some Fellows Do Yahoo On WhatsApp chats and Groups, Others does theirs on Instagram or Twitter and Now you want to start yours on Facebook the most popular social media platform and sure the reason you are searching for how to do yahoo on facebook.

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The internet Fraud Business popularly known as Yahoo Yahoo has dominated every angle online not because it’s really that simple to run but because it makes good money with sense applied.

Getting Money is never easy even for those who does rituals. And that’s why Yahoo business will remain tough like every other businesses unless you want to venture into Yahoo plus ➕ which entails shedding of blood.

There are many ways through which One Can do Yahoo Business. It all depends on the kind of format you use.

In This Post, I will be giving you some clues on how to do yahoo on facebook and i hope you will find them helpful.

How To Do Yahoo On Facebook

Yahoo is a way Of collecting Money From Other people online under false pretense whileYahoo format is the skill, Styles or methods explored in order to convince your clients in releasing Money for you.

Before You succeed in making the money as a yahoo boy, You must first get a client, in which there are many ways to do. Therefore when you asked “How to Do Yahoo on Facebook” it simply means you are looking for Yahoo formats which can be practiced or carried out on Facebook.

Almost all Yahoo formats are practically possible on Facebook but in this post, I will be listing some Facebook supported and sure Yahoo formats you can roll with.

Investment Format

This format is good not just locally but also for reaping international clients. Investment Yahoo formats is the type of format where you lure people to invest with you and get commission based on any amount invested.

You can tell them to invest in your Local currency so it will be easy collecting payments directly to your bank account but the risk involved is just too high because while some may let their money go, others will be ready to fight you with every effort since they have your personal data. Because of this, it’s important not to include your personal details when doing yahoo business.

The Best Way to Go about this is “Convincing them to invest in some sort of digital currencies” such as Bitcoin, Litcoin, Payoneer, PayPal etc alternative to this, You can Open Fake Bank Account

The only challenge is that “Most of the Targeted Clients might not know how to use these currencies so you may need to teach them how to Buy or trade any of the above. E.g, You can pick any good post on how to Buy Bitcoin With Bank Transfer .With this, they will find it easy transacting any of the currency you’ve desired.

Some people Might be so inquisitive and wanting to know how their investments goes and what you people use the money for. So when trying to convince them and in your first approach, you should state how your business works and why they should invest.

Example1 below.

Hello Mr Clement, We have a very large Pig Farm which we have been running since 2009 so we are looking for more investors as the farm keep growing every year.

We Give whooping 30% monthly commission to all our investors. That means you will get 30% of whatever you invest with us monthly and if you decide to end your deal, Your Capital will be returned to you in full. Bla bla bla bla (Just tell them what they want to hear)

Example2 Below.

Hello Mr Felix, I Am Patrick and hope you are doing good. Am here to inform you that we have started our investment program again as the price of Bitcoin currently increased.

We Have over 115 investors and we need more so we can make more gain while they also get their commission. We buy and trade Bitcoin then give our investors 25% of the amount invested every month end.

It’s Easy to register with us. All You need is Just make payment of any amount you want to invest, Then drop your full name, Phone number, Bank name and account number. By the end of the month, we will pay your commission.

The good news is that “You can end your deal with us anytime and your capital will be returned to you in full.

To make any of the above look more real, You can add any Fake Address as your office address for meet up. 80% of people who might want to invest will not be interested coming to visit you having proven yourself worthy dropping your office address.

The Gambling – Lotto Format

Here, You will need to target people who are interested in gambling (any type especially Lotto and football bet.)

Get as many screenshot as possible showing games won by various gamblers. always upload them to your timeline with writing such as “Mr Madu” Congratulations and keep winning

Then under the post you should write ads text e.g “If you need sure games you can contact us now. Keep uploading like 2 to three times weekly with enticing winning writeups, while you keep visiting bet pages and groups to add more friends who are interested in gambling. They are your major targets.

You might need Editors to help you make more fake Photos of proofs. So you will be posting just updates. You can also browse updated photos of proofs other similar Facebook pages.

As soon as they begin to see your updates daily, they will be tempted and also want to be part of the winning. Now they become your client.

In any of the above, When editing your Facebook profile always be sure to make it take the shape of what you want to do. Your profile and description should and portray your format. E.g am a Pro Gambler and i have helped many to make millions through gambling.

Don’t Just describe Yourself as a millionaire adding poor looking profile background because clients will always browse through your profile to see what’s talking. If they see something appealing, they will be more likely to respond to your offers than otherwise.

I always Target People who can Pay with Bitcoin. Most at times, My clients don’t know about Bitcoin so i give them quick guide on How to pay with Bitcoin.

I formally target Nigerian and i don’t border teaching them how to pay with Bitcoin even when they don’t know how. instead, I will only give them My Fake Bank account details to make payment. So sad, after using the account in receiving so much payments it was reported and blocked by the bank. You might also considergetting a fake bank account for your deals..

Importation Business Format

In this format, it’s best you choose and focus on just one product. As for me, I deal mostly on iPhones and target the ladies mostly.

Upload as many Clean iPhones as possible on your profile, New ones with cartons. Clean and good looking. Then always use clean photos as your DP (rich looking ones for that matter)

Add up as many ladies as possible – always go for the rich looking ones. then start messaging them that you import iPhones at affordable prices. Beat down your price and make it so tempting for them to want your offer. To kill it all, Tell them they won’t pay until their products arrive Nigeria. This is just a strategy to get them interested.

When you have successfully gotten their interests, You can now drop as many iPhone specs and prices so they can choose which one they want and the color type. At this Junction, You can collect their whatsapp number so you can follow them up anytime.

Having placed order with You, After Two weeks or more, Contact them that their products has arrived (Make a fake Receipts In their name and send to them as proof of the original receipt).

Then tell them How they would want to get the product delivered. Give them options like!

Come pick it up in our office (Abuja) or You can make half payment while we deliver it to you in any location of your choice after getting the product, you can then pay in full.

Let’s assume the total money is 60K. They will prefer to pay half than coming to Abuja to pick the goods up when they are in far distance area.. In most cases, You might fall into touch ones hands who are ready to come over to your office. In such case, just block them and move on to the next client.

This is Yahoo and you don’t expect whoever you chat up to fall victim. While some will know the real you, others will always fall victim no matter how cheap your tricks sound.

Let’s call it a day for now. Please share with Fellows who might also find interests. And also, don’t forget you can also make money doing Fake Bank Alert

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