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Yahoo format For dating – PDF

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There are many Yahoo formats but in this post, we shall be talking about yahoo format for dating.

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As an Online scammer there are certain things you must adhere if you must succeed and get along with yahoo as a career. One of the biggest and most important tool you need to succeed is what we call format.

Yahoo format is like a gun in the war front. It shows you how to treet a client in a particular measure to gain financial assistance from them.

There are many Yahoo formats available. I mean they are countless. It all depends on individual strategies. However, Am going to discuss mainly on yahoo format for dating. Check out grant format for Yahoo.

Yahoo format for dating

This format is sectioned into two. dating format for woman to man and from man to woman. The dating format for man to woman is generally used not because it’s easier but because of individuals strategies like i said earlier.

In whichever way, both formats are good depending on which one you’ve learned and mastered.

Some years ago, after graduating from the university i decided to do what fellows are into at least to gain a better livelihood “Yahoo”. I spoke to a mentor who taught me how to do yahoo and all the necessary methods to convince clients and making them pay. Though i learned so much but decided to end up with dating format which is still the most generally used format today.

Having learned, i immediately joined an online social platform MySpace where i downloaded military photos of a particular man to start work. Having gathered as many pictures as possible, I Registered a fresh profile at Seniorpeoplemeet an online social platform to meet friends.

But before then, i downloaded VPN which i already turned on for location changing. I filled in the website registration form and made a profile based on the photos i download initially.

When registering, I used my location as Iraq knowing well that i don’t have any cloning app and then I’ve not learned anything about playing Cams for clients. So i select this country Iraq so as to get excuses whenever they request for video calls.

I can easily tell them we don’t make calls in the war zone.

Dating Yahoo format and Strategies

When sorting clients to Bomb, I usually target clients of age 40 – 70yrs old that’s because they don’t usually have too much time for interrogation.

I sent them message introducing myself and my profession as a soldier fighting for my country. You can use some random names.

Having gotten her attention, the next thing is to move her to Google hangout or whatsapp messenger which is the major place i usually chat them. It’s all about giving them your contact with excuses you don’t like chatting on the media where you got them from.

You should do this to save yourself from loosing some important clients. In most cases when the social platforms notice you are trying to scam a client, they will block your profile and they you won’t have access again. When such happens, you will lost all your clients.

Google hangout or whatsapp messenger is very easy and straightforward.

Before you move her to any hangout, be sure the email picture is same as the one she have known initially. Same thing applied when using WhatsApp.

Yahoo format for Dating – Conversation continues

There are many ways to go about chatting with your clients. But read below format for dating.

After different email messages, we just got used to each other. I tell her I’ve married before but lost my wife in a car accident “Widow” she should be wondering how long I’ve joined the social platform where i met her. So i just tell her my sister introduced me so as to find a lover having lost the first one.

After one month of chatting, I can then start asking her for money. She should definitely ask why couldn’t i go to bank to get money if am as rich as claimed.

I will simply tell her my account was compromised by hackers and there’s no o way i can go to USA in order to get it fixed because of the current state of war in Iraq. Our camp is being attacked even in the day.

If she got money, she will definitely send depending on the relationship you’ve created so far. In this first Billing, you shouldn’t ask for too much. 500$ is enough for a start.

The Second Billing Can then take place

After few weeks, I will tell her am set to discard army seeing my close friends die in warfront. I will make plans of opening some type of business which she will definitely get interest on.

Having gotten her attention, I will tell her to invest in the business because it’s for us. After some weeks of making known to her the nature of the business i told her I’ve moved to another country “India, China, Japan etc” to finalize the business deal with other investors.

I further explained that I’ve made part payment and that of the total money is not paid, my goods will be seized. All i wanted is $10K to complete the payment.

It’s now left for you to wait for her response. Her response will give you clues on what to say further.

things to take note of when doing Yahoo format for dating

  • To ask for money too fast
  • Don’t always be online
  • Bill her with help me comeback message

Conclusion :This is Just How the Yahoo dating format goes. Be smart “Know about your clients” Tell them about yourself, Create a strong relationship to the extent they can’t do a day without you. Then ask for finance strategically.

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