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How To Setup Paypal For Dropshipping Business

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How To Setup Paypal For Dropshipping Business

Are you set for Dropshipping Business But looking for means to receive your payment from customers? There’s no better way to get paid in Dropshipping Business than using PayPal payment method. Even after knowing this, some will still ask “Is Dropshipping Paypal Personal Or Business Account”? Because they want to know exactly the type of account to select during registration.

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Anything that has to deal with collecting of PayPal payments through your website requires PayPal business account as it contain certain features which person account don’t have. (the Business account have the ability to receive and send larger Funds, One can easily get paypal Api from business account but don’t exist in personal account and many more functions).

Before You Get started to Open a business PayPal account for your Dropshipping business, What country paypal would be suitable for you? That’s another question you must answer.
There are many countries which supports paypal but some are just too tough in areas of verification and all that. If you are from Africa and you are trying to open business paypal for Dropshipping, I will recommend you try Morocco, South Africa, Iceland, Uae or Lesotho paypal but if your Case is otherwise, then go for UK, Canada, England or USA business paypal account.

How To Setup Paypal For Dropshipping Business

Let’s Get started on How to open US business paypal account for Dropshipping business.

You should fill the three major segments of this section properly. It includes your business contact, business details, and business address.

Business Contact: this includes your legal names such as your first name and last name.

Biz Details: this includes your business name, type, and URL

Biz Address: this includes your business location, street, and zip.

To get the above details to open a US PayPal account in Nigeria or other places outside United States, you will need to get pseudonyms for the entire process. However, you can retain basic identifier information about you such as your legal name.

Download Any Reliable free or Paid VPN you know. You can search some online or via Google Playstore..

Visit and click on the signup button from the right hand menu. Select your account type as business since the aim to to create business account.

Enter the PayPal email you want to use. Be sure it has not been used on any PayPal account before else it won’t work.

Enter Your PayPal Password

Fill in Your Legal Name, Your Business Name, Phone Number, Street address, Zip code etc. You can use Fake Address Generator to generate a US address and details but always take Note of those details for future reference.

From the new screen fill in your business information (describe your business)

Enter Your Personal Information (Tell paypal your age – date of birth) it’s important not to forget this details. The SSN four Digits should be added.

If You don’t Have a valid SSN you can Buy from us as you continue with the process or use any fake digits but be sure to face the consequences because paypal now verify SSN and they only take Valid SSN. If your SSN is fake they will know and will be denied.

Finish Up this step and Your PayPal account is Ready remaining to confirm your email, Link Your Bank or Card and keep rocking.

Check Your Email, There should be a confirmation message.

After That, Add Your Bank for Verification or Add Your US base Credit/debit card. Until you do this, your account is unverified and your transaction limit is not lifted.

You Can Link Virtual Bank if you don’t have any Real US bank or You can verify Your Account with Virtual Cards if you don’t have any US real credit/Debit cards.

Don’t Forget To confirm Your Mobile Number because you can’t run a US paypal successfully without an active mobile Number. You can get virtual phone number using Vyke App.

How To Get Business Paypal API Credentials

The below video is a quick guide on how to get your PayPal API for easy online and website integration.

🇺🇸 Buy Verified US business Paypal account

So You need unlimited and No hold Business paypal account, Do You need Verified US business paypal account for your Dropshipping or other business with all required documents? We gat you covered.

We will help You Make Fake US photo ID and SSN card for verification. These details will be submitted along with your PayPal account during order delivery.

You will Get Virtual Bank Login Details, Virtual Phone number logins, PayPal Logins and Reliable VPN download Link for easy access.

Cost for all is Just 0

Creating verified US paypal Account is not Cheap at all because you need to buy certain things such as Virtual phone number, Virtual bank or Cards, Fake SSN and Photo ID. All these must be paid for as you can’t get them anywhere online for free.

Hope The above Guide Helped in regards to your question on how to open Verified Business paypal account as a non US residence. Please share with others, they might also be in need.

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