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How to withdraw BNB from Trust Wallet

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If You’ve got some thousands of dollars on your BNB trust wallet and you are looking forward to hack or tool on “How to withdraw BNB from Trust wallet, this post will be of help.

Cardro pro

The only tool You are needing here is BEXCHANGE so worry no more because it’s not a difficult task. It’s something anyone can easily do.

How to withdraw BNB from Trust Wallet


  • Click on LOGIN NOW From the app once opened.

  • You will be taken to another page BEXCHANGE V9.8

  • Click on WITHDRAW BNB

  • Fill in the form accordingly. Enter the initial BNB Address the one you used in adding funds.

  • Once you are done filling the form correctly, you can now click on the Transfer button and here it comes.

  • When you click on the Go button, enter Your Monthly Quota Code to complete your transfer.

Your Transfer is done. Wait for the Funds and enjoy for your suffering has ended.

BEXCHANGE monthly Quota Code

You Cannot make Successful transactions using this app without a Quota code. It also represents your BEXCHANGE password in other terms.

You will need to buy new code every month. That means bexchange Quota code duration is 30 – 31days. Depending on the month of order.

BEXCHANGE Quota Code cost $80 Per month.

Wait for the Bank Alert once the whole process is complete and transfer is done.

Now that I’ve shown you easy way to make money, should you sit and wait? I will advise you take action because this hack might not last. So use it well while it last and make some good money for yourself.

Thanks for reading .please don’t forget to comment and share this post with others. Don’t be selfish.


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