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how to do fake video call on whatsapp

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I know how curious you’ve been searching for how to do fake video call on whatsapp using android or iPhone devices.

Cardro pro

I’ve lost millions just because of this video call shit as most clients tends to use it as a means of identifying scam online.

Imagine having caught a paying client online and having billed them heavily of which they agreed and paid you once or twice with the trust you’re legit. But out of no where when you are planning for a bigger billing just as usual and boom they just ask for video call to confirm your true identity perhaps because of little doubt.

I don’t need to remind you that particular job, deal or whatever is canceled if you can’t make it up to them. This may have happened to you at one point or the other but so sorry there wasn’t a solution then.

However, you don’t need to regret too far because finding the solution now isn’t too late to make more money either.

In this article, am showing you the best thing you will ever need in this new year and that’s how to do fake video call on whatsapp. So pay attention.

how to do fake video call on whatsapp

Trust me if you learn how to do this, you will make good amount money because in any yahoo format you explore there’s proof to legitimacy which is the video call. It’s more than powerful than every other proof you can ever think of.

Imagine doing celebrity format and using your targeted celebrity in your video call. think of how much trust and money you will gain.

What about bitcoin format, you can pose as a big investor and there’s a proof for backup whenever they ask for video calls.

You can do this simply using your Android phone without stress unlike other apps which are limited to PC users.

Over the years, there have been several apps both on PC, ios/iPhone and on Android which makes it possible making fake video calls on whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and the rest social platforms but i must confess “there’s non of them perfectly working till date apart from what am going to show you now.”

VideoCorlar app for Android users

With this tool you can make fake calls using any face of your choice.

is a fake video calling app for whatsapp users. Currently, the app doesn’t support Facebook and other platforms.

All you need to get this app working is the fake video url, and audio sound for your video. There’s already made guide on how to get started.

Am sure you must have been thinking the activation must be very expensive based on the function and app relevance, but the good news is “You can get your app activated for as low as $95”.

Another thing you should know is that VideoCorlar is not like every other app in terms of activation as your payment is based on yearly subscription. This means you will have to repay the given amount after 365days if you must keep your app running.

To get started, you can download this app directly from DarkWeb Tools official and below is the video guide.

Hello fans, we hope this tool will help your cashout flow. It’s our most recent update so far and it will definitely help you.

Thanks for being part and follower of our web. We promise to bring you more updates on various categories. We Love You.

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