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Legitimate Neteller Exchangers in Nigeria

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Netteller is a payment gateway or an online money, that can be used to pay for goods and services especially during international transaction. This is used as a faster means of receiving payments when compared to cheques an western union which tends to come with a lot of stress.

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Using neteller as a payment is easy to use especially when you know the right exchangers that you can use to convert it to cash or otherwise. In this post I will review neteller exchangers in Nigeria.

Legitimate Neteller Exchangers in Nigeria


On paybis you can exchange your neteller to cash and other gateway payment services like Skrill, perfect money, payeer, advanced cash. They also trade in crypto currency like Etherum , bitcoin, litecoin, bitcoin cash, Neo as well as gift cards like Amazon gift card.

They charge a percentage fee for conversion of currencies and each percentage depends on the the payment pair. On paybis you’re charged a fee for three things they include; receiving payment fee, paybis fee, sending payment fee.


Exchange indeed has a reputation in Nigeria as the fastest, most reliable and cheapest exchanger company in Nigeria. Having about six offices located across Nigeria.

They buy and sell perfectmoney, webmoney, neteller, PayPal and crypto currency .


is another exchanger site where you can exchange neteller for cash or cash for neteller and about fifty other e-currency including crypto currency . Unlike other exchangers in Nigeria, more than 80% of their transactions is automated. Aside being an exchanger, they also couple up as investment and affiliate company.

Their investment program ensures the security of your capital and profits. For every 10 to 999 US dollars you invest, you get 5 percent profit after 30 days; for every 1,000 to 9,999 US dollars you invest, you get 10 percent profit after 90 days; for every 10,000 to 99,999 US dollars you invest you get 25 percent profit after 180 days. However, any investment that goes above this limit will have to be negotiated with their business committee.

Their affiliate program on the other hand, is basically to show appreciation to those who one way or the other market their services. The money you earn as a partner is dependent on your affiliate loyalty point. Thus, if your loyalty point is 1 and another person loyalty point is 8, even though your referrals both make a transaction worth the same amount. You and the person on loyalty point 8 will earn differently.

This is because the higher your loyalty point, the higher the percentage you earn from your referrals transaction. You can withdraw anytime but the minimum amount of withdrawal required is 20 US dollars.


Goldux is another exchanger site where almost all e-currencies are bought and sold; as well as exchanged for each other like exchanging bitcoin for perfect money. They are fast, reliable and transparent.

Goldux also has an affiliate marketing program that categorized from level one to six. At level one, you should have referred about 5 persons which makes you entitled to 5 percent of your referrals transactions. At level two, you should have referred about 6 to 10 persons which makes you entitled to 6 percent of your referrals transactions.

At level three, you should have referred about 11 to 15 persons which makes you entitled to 7 percent of your referrals transactions. For level four, you need to get 16 to 20 persons to be entitled to 8 percent of your referrals transactions. For level five, you need to get 21 to 25 persons to get 9 percent of your referrals transactions. Finally, for level six, you need 25 and more to get 10 percent.


Instant gold supports buying and selling of Neteller, perfect money, webmoney, payeer, solidpay, PayPal, solidpay, Skrill, advCash, Etherum and Bitcoin. One benefit of instant gold is that it accepts bank deposits and transfers in Naira. Instant gold is a very reputable company in Nigeria, its been in existence for over 20 years and still counting. They also pay 20 percent of referrals transaction to customers who referral people to their site. Payment can be made in cash or any other e-currency of your choice.


Naira4dollar is another site where you can convert your neteller funds to cash or vice versa. They deal with other online money and cryptocurrency too. Naira4dollar is a trusted and reputable company in Nigeria.

Although their transactions are currently very slow, one certain thing is that you will get your funds no matter how long. They have been recommended by many Nigerians irrespective of their deficiency.


Blockvilla has been considered to be one of the exchangers in Nigeria which gives the lowest rate you can ever have. They buy and sell e-currency and cryptocurrency. They were formally known as ngexchanger.

Blockvilla also has an affiliate marketing program where you earn 50 Naira for every person, that signs up with your referral link, and about 1 percent of their transaction. You can make withdrawal anytime as long as 5 persons from those you’ve referred have used their products. They have security to detect and terminate fake accounts.


Topupgold is another exchanger that deals with neteller and other online currency and cryptocurrency. Coupled with this another service in which they engage in is the pay4me service. Pay4me service involves you contacting and giving them the details of what you want them to pay for you, it could be an ebook, an online service in whatever currency required and you pay them in cash at a rate which is agreed upon.

They also provide you with virtual bank account and virtual credit card anywhere across the globe.


NAIRA2USD is another exchanger site that buys and sell in e-currency like neteller, PayPal and the likes. It also trades cryptocurrency like bitcoin. They are however trusted and reliable.

If at all you have neteller funds and yu have been thinking of a way to convert it to Naira, you can rely on any of the neteller exchangers in Nigeria that we have listed above.

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