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How to convert airtime to cash in Nigeria

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If you mistakenly recharged above the amount you intended, you might be searching for how to convert airtime to cash in nigeria. This is applicable to mtn, glo, Airtel or 9Mobile airtime.

Cardro pro

I remember how it used to be some years back when you do such mistakes. You will have no option than selling it to friends and relatives or leaving the airtime on your device for gradual use.

This can happen to anyone especially when you are making recharge through USSD Codes. Happened to me personally time without numbers.

Imagine if the recharge is the last money in your account, or if the money is for other crucial needs.?

Anyway we should be glad things has changed in this era. You can convert any amount of airtime to cash with few clicks.

below are some of the reliable and trusted websites or apps for converting airtime to cash in Nigeria.

  • Gosub
  • Aimtoget
  • Airtime flip
  • Patricia
  • Recharge2Cash
  • Zoranga
  • Cheetahpay

How to convert airtime to cash

You can use any of these app and websites for free. Each of them goes with different commission rates during airtime convertion.

Aimtoget app and website

This is recommended over others because of the feature “automatic funding”. Unlike other platforms, you need to make transfer of airtime to the website to get your cash deposited to your bank.

Using Aimtoget, you can just fund your app or website wallet directly with just few clicks. All you need is register and login then click on the option to fund wallet and select the instant funding method.

Once your wallet has been topped up, you can then request withdrawal and get the money to your account directly.

Just like zoranga app, you can also use Aimtoget as a merchant in receiving payments from your customers.

Apart from accessing through website, aimtoget is also available for download on your Android devices.

CheetahPay Website

there’s absolutely no time you won’t come in contact with CheetahPay in quest for how to convert airtime to cash either through app or websites.

convert airtime to cash

CheetahPay is one of the most trusted and reliable websites online where you can easily convert your airtime topup to cash.

Apart from converting your airtime to cash using cheetahpay, you can also buy airtime, data, pay gotv and destv subscriptions, electricity bills and lot more.

No matter the volume of your airtime, glo, mtn, Airtel or 9Mobile network, they are always available for business. The money will be forwarded to your account directly.

They are not just available on website. You can also download cheetahpay app on your Android devices.

Zoranga Website

Anytime You think of converting your airtime to cash in Nigeria, zoranga is one website that should come your mind.

convert airtime to cash

With zoranga, you can easily convert airtime of any volume to cash with just few clicks.

Zoranga is perfect because it’s more than just converting cards to real money. You can use the app in receiving donations and also as a merchant in collecting card payments from your clients.

This means, users can easily pay through your website using airtime and get their products just like when using cards in making purchase.

Unlike other platforms, zoranga on got this one function and without doubt, they are almost perfect in their services.

Zoranga is not available on app so you must go through the website for registration.

Just like some of the listed platforms, Gosub makes it easy recharging and topping up your Data plans.

In addition you can pay electricity and cable TV subscriptions using Gosub.

While you are allowed to carry out these multiple functions, you can also convert airtime of all network to cash.

This is only available through the website and not on apps.

The website also have good support and wonderful Twitter rating.

AirtimeFlip App

This app has been rated among others as one of the best airtime flipping apps online mainly for Nigerians.

With airtimeflip app, you can easily convert your airtime to real money without going to any of the network providers office.

You can download this app on Google playstore to get started .

This app is easy to use with simple users interface.

Recharge2Cash App

With just 13% of your airtime, you will get your money directly to your account rather than in recharge form.

Apart from using this platform through website, you can also Download app for your Android device.

Recharge2cash is fast and reliable with amazing customer support.

My Patricia

Patricia is specialized on selling crypto currencies and gift cards in Nigeria and they are top rated in this field.

They give about #800 worth of bitcoin to your wallet when you trade airtime worth #1000. The app is available on both ios and playstore for android users.

You can start trading your bitcoin and other crypto currencies here also your airtime of any network in Nigeria “Glo, mtn, 9Mobile, Airtel”.

Conclusion: How to convert airtime to cash in Nigeria

All of the listed platform to convert airtime to real cash are so much against fraud/scam and that’s to preserve their business reputation.

So if you have the intention of obtaining your airtime through fraudulent methods, i will recommend you stay clear because these may not favor your hustle.

Conversion of airtime to cash has been made easy. You just need to check the website and apps randomly to see which is best for you based on their commission rates.

There are many other apps and websites online through which you can convert your airtime to cash. You can sort for more as We have only listed few.

Please share this post with others who may want to learn.

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