Remove Money From BVN Or Card without Otp
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  1. John Rugfor says:

    Please I need help on how to download cash app in canada

  2. To download Cash app in Canada, it’s either you use the linked prescribed on our post above or open US email address and download through playstore

  3. I Love This Stuff

  4. Please I updated my cardro app
    But I lost my old activation code please help me out

  5. I need the code please help me

  6. which online shopping that can work without otp code

  7. boss please help me out i want it

  8. Hello sir please i need help on flash fund

  9. Hi friend

  10. Hi friend and you doing good evening sir na Samuel dey talk about to

  11. Pls i need the tools how can i get it

  12. Pls how to download the app

  13. Pls how can I get the cardcumbo software?
    I really need it

  14. timileyin says:

    Admin good morning here. I’m timileyin.

    I need that flash funds APK

  15. Anonymous says:

    boss of all time pls need ur help on this

  16. I’ve been using Cash App in Canada for the past 6 months. I didn’t make it myself either. I purchased from you guys.

    Thanks pal

  17. No issues brother. Thanks for commenting

  18. Tested and confirmed. Thanks

  19. I bought this activation code and it’s working perfectly. Thanks sir

  20. Admin I got a bank with 33M inside can you run am for me without otp

  21. Boss man pls I need the activation code

  22. Please boss I need this how can I get it. How much please I can’t wait to make money.

  23. Luka obida says:

    I realy like it

  24. Lord kesmy says:

    Please I need the code please help me out

  25. Onyeomere amarala says:

    i have local job but i don’t have money for logs i need who i go work with to pull out some cash to buy software here many sure job available with recent proof

  26. I need trusted person to work with big deal available

  27. John Ohadean says:

    We are always available for any big and legitimate deals

  28. I need format for trust when billing client

  29. Anonymous says:

    I need cardro 8.5 pro version.. original not clon.

  30. I need cardro 8.5 pro version.. original not clon.

  31. Boss I really your help, someone chat me when I was looking for XCARET100, I was cashless and he agreed to give the app for me to deposit 20k after working I will balance it, after sending the 20k he send the app without the code and up to now, it’s not working, please your help 🙏🙏🙏

  32. Can I give you the card details make you help me run am

  33. Boss please I need flash fund v9 activation code please

  34. I need flash funds software

  35. I need flash funds software…… how will I get it from you guys

  36. John Ohadean says:


  37. John
    i chat with xcaret official page on facebook, are they truely the one selling activation code for xcaret?

  38. Hello, John

    I live in South Africa can loftysms work here? if not what other similar software can i use to send fake sms to client. response needed asoon as possible
    Thank you

  39. I need Cardro pro activation code how can I get that?

  40. Please how can I get the
    Xcaret100 app
    Because I can’t find it on App Store

  41. Pls need the link to download the cardro pro V10 pls urgent reply

  42. Macdonald says:

    I need the admin John ohaeden contact please 🙏🙏🙏

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