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How to Buy Bitcoin Using Naira payments

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Beside the fact that most people ask for how to buy bitcoins with credit card instantly without identity verification, others do come asking if there’s any possibility to buy bitcoin with bank transfer in Nigeria knowing well that almost all the top Bitcoin exchange websites such as Paxful, Coinbase, Coinmama and the likes ask for identity verification before you can be allowed to trade Bitcoin.

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This Identity Verification is something very irritating because it’s not automated. This means, You will have to Wait for hours even after submitting Your Required documents. Beside that, not all who want to Buy Bitcoin have The required ID to verify their account. This will make it impossible for such classes.

There’s nothing easier and better than just accessing your account and purchasing Bitcoin with your Card or even Bank Transfer without identity verification.

For those of you searching for How to Buy Bitcoin with Bank transfer in Nigeria, this Post will be of great help as we shall be discussing the smartest, fastest and most reliable method to Buy Bitcoin with bank transfer in Nigeria. Not just bank transfers but you can also pay through various other methods such as Paystack, bank deposits, etc

Let me quickly Show You How to Buy bitcoin with Bank Transfer in Nigeria and also how to buy bitcoin with Credit Cards even with ID verified.

How to Buy Bitcoin With Bank Transfer

InstantGold.Ng is a Bitcoin and other digital currency exchanger running since 2007. They Buy and sell digital currencies including Bitcoin at affordable rate.

You can Either Purchase Bitcoin directly from their website or meet them in person to buy from their office in Lagos and Ibadan with the below address.

To get Started Selling or Buying BTC through their website, Simply register an account with Instantgold.Ng Filling the registration form correctly.

After Registration, Login Your Account using your email and password during sign up.

Having Logged in Your account, From the right hand side menu, click On My Bank & E-Currency .

After that, Fill in Your bank name, bank account number and also the Bitcoin address you want to Buy the funds with and save your settings.

Having Done that, You can Now click on Buy E-Currency from the right side menu.

Fill In The amount You want to Buy, ✅ tick Bitcoin and Select your payment method as bank transfer, Paystack or other means of payment on the list.

Then You can Now proceed with Your payment. Once your payment is successful, The amount purchased will be credited to the provided Bitcoin address.

If You encounter any difficulties during this process, You can Visit their office or contact them on what’sapp.

Another method through which you can Buy instant Bitcoin with credit or debit cards is Luno.

Luno is a popular and Legit Crypto currency exchange website where anyone can buy bitcoin or other currencies using ATM cards.

Alternative To Instantgold Exchange

You can also Sell or buy Bitcoin from at Good rate and it will be delivered almost immediately.

Register and Login Your account, Click on the Buy E-Currency Button, Submit Your bitcoin address and Amount to them and make your payment, they will deliver to the Bitcoin address you provided.

How To Buy Bitcoin instantly With Credit/Debit Cards

Download Luno Mobile App or visit their Website Luno.Com to register an account.

Here, You may need To Confirm Your identity But it’s a good way of buying Bitcoin fast and easy. So follow the necessary steps and hit on the Buy button as soon as your account is setup to start Buying Bitcoin instantly.

Hope the above Post made it easy to buy bitcoin with Bank transfer in Nigeria? Kindly use the share button as more people need to read this post..

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