1. Please bro. I can’t make payment using the above link but I can pay directly to your bitcoin address if u give me

  2. I downloaded the Apk but couldn’t find the PC version. Please am I paying separately for the PC version?

  3. Pls I need ur what’s app contact cause am interested in getting cardro pro v6 for myself

  4. Pls i need it as soon as possible,i have heard so much about it pls in anticipation to ur response

  5. I have been trying to see how i can go about the purchase but to no avail,i need help pls

  6. What are the dismilarities between cardro pro and oracle2000. I need your help bro

  7. Please hack banks please i need this yahoo thing I really wanna join
    The hustle please can you contact me on my mailing hang out chukwuebukachimweuba@gmail.com
    I look forward in seeking your message and also the hacking of bank I need the tools I got some money in my uncle so I wanna do it myself I have been cheated

  8. can the app help withdraw money on a funded ATM back and front without OTP ??
    I have plenty of ATM cards loaded with money but OTP is the only problem

  9. Anyone that needs bvn should relate with me I Av access to plenty of them with a lot of money inside , am a banker so I can access dem I just need someone with this app that we can work together and smile together.

  10. I have plenty ATM and bvn but have not gotten this apk,how can I get it without fruad

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