1. Please bro. I can’t make payment using the above link but I can pay directly to your bitcoin address if u give me

  2. It’s all the same. You can contact us for bitcoin address. After payment drop your payment proof and email address on our what’sapp digits

  3. I downloaded the Apk but couldn’t find the PC version. Please am I paying separately for the PC version?

  4. Pls I need ur what’s app contact cause am interested in getting cardro pro v6 for myself

  5. Pls i need it as soon as possible,i have heard so much about it pls in anticipation to ur response

  6. I have been trying to see how i can go about the purchase but to no avail,i need help pls

  7. What are the dismilarities between cardro pro and oracle2000. I need your help bro

  8. This app is for long periods of time. How long. Be for I will place an order.

  9. Please hack banks please i need this yahoo thing I really wanna join
    The hustle please can you contact me on my mailing hang out chukwuebukachimweuba@gmail.com
    I look forward in seeking your message and also the hacking of bank I need the tools I got some money in my uncle so I wanna do it myself I have been cheated

  10. can the app help withdraw money on a funded ATM back and front without OTP ??
    I have plenty of ATM cards loaded with money but OTP is the only problem

  11. Anyone that needs bvn should relate with me I Av access to plenty of them with a lot of money inside , am a banker so I can access dem I just need someone with this app that we can work together and smile together.

  12. I have plenty ATM and bvn but have not gotten this apk,how can I get it without fruad

  13. I want cadro pro an I don’t have money to buy it but pls can i give you a BVN so that u will remove the money on it an give the cadro pro

  14. I have BVN and debit card details please who get the cardro or any other app this job is #200m job and lets make this happen this week lasted on Tuesday my email is panp084@gmail.com

  15. +15134963453 ping me on WhatsApp for the bvn I get many bvn and I need someon to help me with the app too

  16. +15134963453 ping me on WhatsApp I have many bvn and also need the app in return

  17. Please I need this software and its activation code please…. And I have a bvn with #16M.. If you have the app contact me on whatsapp let’s work together +2349078377845

  18. Hello fellas. I have a huge job at hand. But I can’t afford this app at the moment. Let’s do a syndicate operation and be happy. My infos are real and intact.
    My email is gifted5050@yahoo.com

  19. Please I want to buy the cadro pro….

    I don’t know how to contact you.. I dropped my email..

    Please mail me

  20. All i want is this tools please my dad don’t believe in me he has money but never show me love before couz he believe that I can make it. Lemme get his money out so that it know me has it his only child by showing him caring

  21. I really need this cardro pro v6 for my anonymous transaction! And how can I get it? Please

  22. Hello please I am ready to pay for the app but I haven’t gotten response from you I need it because I have job to do

  23. I need this app,I want to make payment, pls send me ur what’s app number, I couldn’t find it in the group

  24. Please sir I dont means of paying with bitcoin, can I make a Transfer directly to your Account?

  25. Please how can I get the app, and does the app has a limit of transferring funds per day?

  26. Hi, what do I need to buy or withdraw on line without a cvv , i have an fr cc that I want to use ,thanks

  27. Pls guys I have been browsing about cardo pro for someday now. Those it really work???

  28. Good day oga , abeg I need this soft ware call CARDRO PRO v6.5 how I go tale get am and how much bi the price

  29. Hello John, I’ve sent you a message on WhatsApp and your email too but no response since morning.
    What’s up?

  30. hi am in need of this app, am using hp pc windows 10 i want the pc version.
    and the activation code at the same time

  31. how can I get this cardro PRo v6 on my device..
    please I really need it and I am willing to pay, Please send me your WhatsApp number….

  32. Can Someone work With me let Me be providing him bvn cos am unable to Instal cardro on My Phone send me message on My email #ajahologyejima@gmail.com

  33. Someone please help me .. I have nothing right now .. Am from Nigeria I need a boss I can work with ..

  34. I have sure jobs at hand with 58million inside with prove of funds, I don’t have money to access this app right now. Anyone available should dm me on WhatsApp +234 811 659 8823

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